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PostSubject: Geography   Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:34 am


Vanguard is set in a high fantasy world called Telon, unusual among MMO worlds in that it is almost entirely persistent, with no instancing or load screens. Telon does not have "zones" in the manner of most fantasy MMOs, but there are discrete areas, sometimes called "chunks" which delineate content to some extent and serve to provide general geographical reference points. The world contains 19 playable races, many of which are drawn from or inspired by traditional high fantasy sources such as the work of J. R. R. Tolkien and the tabletop fantasy roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons.

There are three "continents" on the world of Telon. Each is reachable by direct, contiguous travel from the other continents, via air or sea, or by NPC boat (with a load screen,) from the major ports of call.

Thestra Thestra is a land resembling northern and eastern Europe, with mountains, wetlands, forests and misty, haunted coastlines. Thestra is home to the major cities of New Targonor, the human capital, Bordinar's Cleft, the mountain home of the Dwarves, and Leth Nurae, elegant home of the High Elves. The famous Ancient Port Warehouse raid area is located at the southwest end of Thestra, and the continent is home to several major dunegons, including the Fallen Lyceum, the Ruins of Vol Tuniel and Trengal Keep. Races native to Thestra include the medieval-styled Thestran Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, Lesser Giants, Halflings, Vulmane (wolflike humanoids) and Varanjar (Scandiavian-styled human barbarians).

Kojan Kojan is an archiapelago with an Asiatic flavor, comprised of many small islands, some of which are utterly barren, while others are home to communities of inscrutable wizards and unusual races. Kojan only supports play up to roughly level 25. Races native to Kojan include the Kojani (Asian-styled humans), Half-Elves and Wood Elves (both of which also have an Asian flavor,) Raki (very short, fox-like humanoids), Goblins, and Orcs. Kojan hosts a number of dungeons including Lord Tsang's Tomb, Magi Hold and the Temple of Ghalnn, and is home to two major cities: Tawar Galan and Martok, island capital of the Orcs and Goblins.

Qalia - This southern continent (pronounced KAY-lee-uh) has an atmosphere reminiscent of the Middle East and North Africa, with great deserts and rugged mountains. Races native to Qalia include the Qaliathari (vaguely Arabian, desert-dwelling humans,) Mordebi (dark-skinned, African-styled humans,) Dark Elves, Gnomes, Kurashasa (tiger- or panther-like humanoids), and Varanthari (Turkic/Mongolian style human barbarians.) It is home to the major cities of Khal and Aghram and several significant dungeons and outdoor adventure areas, including the Coterie Infineum Sanctuary, Skawlra Rock, the Grotto of the Sea Hags and the Pantheon of the Ancients.

There are two other noteworthy separate areas:

The Isle of Dawn - a trial and starting character area, separated from the other continents, contains only a single chunk (you cannot leave it except via the teleporter at the end of the main questline, or not at all if you are only on a trial account) but there are many hints that it is supposed to be part of Kojan (for example, crafting workorders and quests give Kojan faction, and the architectural sty;les of the island are Kojani.) The Isle of Dawn is a very popular area for starting new characters from normal accounts, since the area offers excellent quests and low-level equipment.

Lothenland - An icy continent initially conceived, but not in the game at release. It is unknown whether the development team plans to develop and release this area in the future.
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