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 Information: Types and Tiers

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PostSubject: Information: Types and Tiers   Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:00 pm

Thanks to Lumberg @ Silky Venom for this info.


4 Types of Information:

Each Type has different Tiers awarded determined by the Dip skill of opponent:
(This is listed in the Infomation's description -- Each Tier share the same Icon)
Crude <= 100
Significant 125 - 200
Essential 225 - 300
Vital 325 - 400
Unequalled 425 - 500

Each Tier has 3 Rarities... Higher skill in Tier seems to have better chance to drop higher ones:
Heresay:: common
Rumor :: uncommon
Evidence :: rare

Informants will accept 1 Type of Information only. You must have atleast 10 of 1 Type/Tier/Rarity combination of the required Type before the Informant will speak with you. Once Informant gives you dialog, you can do turn-in's of the required Type for rewards. Right not Evidence will not trigger dialog, and is tricky to turn in correctly.

Get 1 Reward per ...This is buggy at the moment, they take wrong rarity and give too many rewards
Heresay x 7
Rumor x 5
Evidence x 3

Blackmail - Gloves / Neck
Plots - Pants / Prestige Boost 1-Time-Clickies
Trends - Boots / Earrings / (maybe rings, unsure)
Arcana - Chest / Belts / 1-Time-Boost-for-1-Parley Items

The most likely Type of Info you will get is based off the conversation(this is not strictly, but like 90%, with some other Types rarely)

Type --- Conversation --- Color Blocked
Backmail --- Gossip --- Reason Blocked
Plots --- Interview -- None Blocked
Trends --- Incite --- Flatter Blocked
Arcane --- Convince --- Inspire Blocked
Gag (Vender Trash) --- Entertain --- Demand Blocked

Informants: and where they are:
Blackmail - Ahgram, Halgarad, Hathor Zhi, and Martok
Plots - Bordinar's Cleft, Khal, and Tanvu
Trends - Ahgram, Tawar Galan, Lomshir, Mekalia, and Rindol Field
Arcana - Ahgram, Ca'ial Brael, Mekalia, Hathor Zhi, and Leth Nurae

**Patch Notes** - There are now more brokers available who will accept crude and significant information. Arcana, Blackmail, Trends, and Plots brokers have been added to Neamsog and Dark Horse Down’s Racetrack. Arcana, Blackmail, and Trends brokers have been added to Tawar Galan. And a Blackmail Broker has been added to Tursh.

**Patch Notes**- There is now a Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana Informant in Three Rivers/Themnwar’s Shield and Veskal’s Exchange for your information trading needs!

**Patch Notes**- There are now Blackmail, Plots, Trends, and Arcana Informants in Tawar Galan, Qa Riverbank, and Dark Horse Downs for your Information trading needs!

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Information: Types and Tiers
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