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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:08 am

The Monk Class
Monks focus their mind and hone their body into a powerful weapon. Monks use special attacks to tap into and pool Jin (powerful inner energy). Channeling Jin, Monks deliver DPS in crippling combination attacks. While Monks may wield deadly two handed swords and bladed staffs, many choose to enter combat with their hands and feet as their only weapon.

Monk Attribute Information
Monk Starting Attributes

Strength /Constitution/ Dexterity /Vitality/ Intelligence Wisdom
40 40 45 35 25 25

Martial Styles
Once they have the required experience, monks can choose one of three martial styles. Styles have special attacks and abilities within them. Each style also has specialized stances that allow the monk an additional layer of control. The three styles are:

Dragon Style
The most offensive of the styles, Dragon is focused on overwhelming force and area attack damage. Dragon monks have innately higher armor class and melee damage. Dragon style has mystical roots and this is displayed in its special abilities. Dragon is a hard style, utilizing direct force for force, as unyielding as Harmonious Body is yielding.

Heavenly Dragon, Stone Dragon

Sample Attack
Dragon Sweeps its Tail. PBAoE attack + stun

Harmonious Body Style
Harmonious Body attacks debilitate their opponents and can increase the effectiveness of the Monk. It focuses on reducing damage output, accuracy, speed and casting potential (by draining NPC expendables), while increasing the Monk’s power. By stealing momentum they can increase their damage and accuracy. Harmonious Body is a soft style that focuses more on inner power, leverage and redirection than on stiff resistance and direct attacks.

Tiger, Crane

Sample Attack
Withering Palm – Steal damage from target. Stacks up to 3 times.

Drunken Style
Drunken is style is a mixture of evasive and offensive capabilities. The style is characterized by strong counter attacks and defensive abilities. A drunken monk can deal damage using traditional attacks, but will deal more damage if he is able to counter attack. Certain mental immunities and resistances are given to Drunken practitioners, as well as the ability to avoid roots, snares and knockdowns. Drunken monks are resistant to pain, giving them a mitigation increase as well. They also receive a higher change to dodge attacks.

Drunken Fist, Drunken Sway
Sample Attack
Drunken Arms of the Cyclone (Multi hit attack, high damage)

Special Abilities
These abilities can be granted by your choice of style or can be accessed by all monks, depending on level.

Magnificent Drunken Stagger
The Monk becomes as pliable as water, dodging all attacks directed at him and granting a constant stream of counter attack opportunities. Available to Drunken style monks only.

Sun Dragon’s Corona
The Monk radiates heat burning all those who attack. Available to Dragon style monks only.

Diamond Body
The monk is immune to disease and poison based spells. Available only to Harmonious Body style monks only.

Vast Stride
The Monk can instantly teleport behind his target and execute and attack.

Nerve Strike
The monk can strike an opponent from behind, stunning him for a long duration. Can only be used outside of combat.

Legendary Iron Skin
Greatly increased mitigation and immunity to stun for 15 seconds
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The Basics
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