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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:13 am

As grizzled veterans of many bloody campaigns Warrior's enter the fray head on. Welcoming each attack, Warriors mock and taunt their opponents provoking them into a frenzied fury. As adept in sophisticated battle strategy as they are at brute force, Warriors inspire and direct comrades over the battles roar. The Warrior stands between his allies and eminent death, allowing them to deliver damage in relative safety.

Warrior Starting Attributes

Strength/ Constitution /Dexterity /Vitality /Intelligence /Wisdom
35 50 40 35 25 25

Suggested Attribute Investment Priority

Strength /Constitution/ Dexterity/ Vitality/ Intelligence /Wisdom

Combat Forms
Warriors can choose to enter a defensive stance where the can hold their opponents attention more easily, or may switch to an aggressive stance which allow them to deal more damage.

As adept in sophisticated battle strategy as they are at brute force, Warriors inspire and direct comrades over the battles roar. Warriors can issue commands to a specific target or even the entire group, bolstering their strength, augmenting their damage or providing immediate and self sacrificing protection to an ally.

The warrior has many abilities that allow him to perform his job.

Power Attack
While this is active, the warriors damage increases greatly, allowing him to really dish out some pain.

Battle Cries
The warrior can use these to empower himself, draw the aggression of all nearby opponents to him, or stop an opponent in his tracks.

The warrior can use rescues to draw the ire of a foe who is attacking an ally, forcing the enemy to target the warrior. These prove to be literal life savers.

Counter Attacks
Although all fighters gain counter attacks, the warrior is supreme in his ability to retaliate using them. The warrior can deal tremendous damage or disarm an attacker with very little effort.

Adamant Foeman
The warrior can choose to defend rather than attack. Using this ability greatly increases his ability to take the hits without dying.

These attacks are usable from either combat stance.

Brutal Strike
Basic melee damage attack. Chain opener. Chance to stun enemy.

Furious Blow
Basic melee agro attack. Chance to daze enemy.

Interrupt enemy casting or attacks, increases the targets hate for the Warrior.

This attack does moderate damage, but has bonuses when used in conjunction with another in the group or when from behind the enemy. These bonuses are not exclusive and can be combined.

Rend Armor
Slightly reduced damage. Target mitigation reduced by 30% for 12 seconds.

Hits all targets within a 7 meter radius. Damage reduced slightly.

Defensive Attacks
These attacks are usable only in the defensive stance.

Taunting Strike
This moderate damage attack generates a great deal of hate in your enemy.

Adamant Foeman
This ability requires a shield. Blocks the next 2 incoming attacks, and increases your mitigation by 50% for 10 seconds.

Shield Bash
This ability requires a shield. This ability does no damage, but has a 65% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds, and adds a large amount of hate.

Attack Chains
Attack chains work much differently in the warrior now. The warrior now has a variety of specialized attacks, which when used within a chain take on different characteristics. These attacks can then chain to several new ‘chain only’ finishing moves. Warriors begin learning 2-step attack chains at level 4, and continue up to level 30, when finishing moves become available creating 3-step chains.

Brutal Strike
This attack does moderate damage on its own, but as an opening attack, influences the chain towards doing more damage.

Furious Blow
This attack also does moderate damage, but as an opening attack, this influences the chain towards generating more hate.

This attack adds an AoE component to the chain. Any finishing moves that trigger from this bridge will be AoE finishing moves.

This attack carries positional bonuses such as backstab, and true flanking. Any finishing moves triggered by this bridge with also have positional bonuses.

Rend Armor
This attack damages the armor and mitigation of your enemy. Any finishing moves triggered by this bridge will have additional debuff effects.

Tactical Maneuvers
These are special use abilities which generally do no damage but have other strategic uses in combat. Some of these have upgraded versions you can learn.

adds a small amount of hate but can only be used on a single target every 15 seconds. This ability adds a larger amount of hate when used from defensive stance. Power Attack – Toggled ability. Adds a significant power cost per swing but adds raw damage to your attacks. This ability increases in power every 10 levels.

Toggled ability. Only usable when you are below 50% health, this ability drives you into a rage. The more damage you take, the higher the rage. At 50% health, and each 10% thereafter, you gain 10 strength, and lose 5% mitigation. At higher levels, these benefits and costs increase, and below 20% health, you may enter an intense rage which cannot be calmed for 30 seconds giving 200 strength, at a cost of 60% reduced mitigation.

Roar of Anger
You roar, dazing all enemies within 10 meters for 18 seconds. This also has a 5% chance to stun your enemy, but should any enemy be hit, the stun will break.

Barrier of Steel
This ability forces your current target to focus upon you and attack no other for 15 seconds. During this time both you and your target will be unable to run.

Primal Rage
This ability causes you to enter a rage for a short time granting increased damage, as well as immunity to stun and fear effects. This rage takes a great toll on your body leaving you weakened for upwards of a minute.
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The Basics
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