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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:15 am

From a distance the Ranger's keen eye and unerring aim unleash crippling missile attacks. In up close confrontations the Ranger relies on an arsenal of synergistic melee attacks and highly trained instincts to find & exploit enemy weaknesses making attacks deadlier as the battle progresses.
Adept adventurers, Rangers are able to heal, cure poisons, forage for food & materials to craft arrows/bolts and even blend into surroundings to avoid confrontation altogether.

Ranger Attribute Information

Strength/ Constitution /Dexterity/ Vitality /Intelligence/ Wisdom
40 40 45 35 25 25

Suggested Attribute Investment Priority

Strength/ Constitution/ Dexterity/ Vitality /Intelligence /Wisdom

Melee Proficiency
In up close confrontations the Ranger relies on an arsenal of synergistic melee attacks where highly trained instincts find and exploit weaknesses in an enemy and making melee attacks more deadly as the battle progresses. On top of dealing damage, the Ranger has honed reactive skills to be prepared for any combat situation, and can help fellow combatants as needed.

An attack where the Ranger whips both weapons wildly about in a disorienting whirl of steel and blood. Usually strikes an opponent 2-3 times, but often strikes many additional times leaving the opponent bloody and reeling from the attack.

Parries the next incoming attack, saving you from damage.

Counterattack, that deals damage to your opponent. All allies attacking this target get a bonus to their damage while attacking it. Can only be used after a parry.

Ranged Proficiency
From a distance the Rangers keen eye and unerring aim unleash crippling missile attacks raining down deadly shafts on unsuspecting enemies. Ranged attacks can be even more effective when they are released unseen, the Ranger cloaked amongst natures covering.

Critical Shot
This ranged opening attack takes your opponent by surprise delivering a great deal of damage. Must be used out of combat.

Splitting Arrow
Splits a single arrow into 6, dealing damage up to 6 opponents in front of you.

Affinity for Nature
Rangers spend a great deal of time alone in the world learning to survive amongst the elements of nature. Some of the benefits of this investment include being able to heal, bolster, and damage as well as disable. Most of his spells are suited to any opponent, but some abilities are only usable on animals.

This ability allows you to charm a creature, allowing you to control it for a short amount of time.

Tiger Talisman
This talisman invokes the spirit of the tiger within you, increasing melee damage greatly and melee critical chance moderately.

Fighting Instinct
Rangers rely on heightened senses and feral instinct in battle, fiercely defending comrades and mercilessly delivering death to foes.

Form of Aggression
This combat form greatly increases your damage and accuracy. It also greatly decreases your ability to absorb damage. The amount of endurance expended increases as does the amount of hatred generated by your attacks.

Intercepts an enemy who is attacking your defensive target. Deals damage, adds a large amount of hate and roots your opponent in place for a short amount of time.
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The Basics
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