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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:26 am

Blood Mages wield powerful arcane & physical magic to steal life from enemies, transferring it themselves and their comrades. Using these destructive yet regenerative powers, the Blood Mage can heal and buff their group while dealing a great deal of damage to enemies.

Blood Mage Attribute Information

Strength /Constitution /Dexterity /Vitality/ Intelligence /Wisdom
25 30 25 35 45 50
Suggested Attribute Investment Priority

Strength /Constitution/ Dexterity/ Vitality /Intelligence /Wisdom
Primary Spell Focus Types

Spell Damage Focus
Healing Focus

The blood mage seeks to become a master over life, believing that blood is the ultimate source of vitality, they seek to discover its mysteries. They arrogantly brush aside other healing philosophies that include following deities or spirits. To them, these methods do not have the same clear cut physical benefits that mastery over blood presents. A side effect of this notion is that the blood mage can use his physical life for a myriad of things, including transmuting it into other forms of energy or, in some cases, using it directly to cast spells.

Blood mages learn their magic by studying the bodies of the living and through messy experimentation, often on themselves. Seen as gruesome acts of self mutilation or useless sadism, the blood mageís techniques are often frowned upon by the community, but given the sheer power of their magic the aid of a blood mage is never refused.

The blood mage represents the most mystical healing class and as such, his arsenal is made up of pure spell casting, mostly healing type spells and utility spells with a few drains and damage dealing spells, as well as symbiotes created to give a benefit to allies.

Healing and Buffs
Blood mages are able to keep their allies alive through a variety of spells and abilities. They have targeted heals, a group heal and various buffs that will be integral in performing your task as a healer.

Scarring Pact
This spell bonds you with a single ally, allowing you to split incoming damage amongst each other.

The ally who is hit takes 70% of the incoming damage
You take 150% of the remaining damage
Blood Gift
This spell uses your blood to heal a single ally for a large amount of health.

Heals an ally instantly
Costs health to cast
Gains 3% effectiveness per level of Blood Union

Blood Union and Rituals
Blood mages have discovered the true power that lies within blood. Since a blood mageís own blood source is finite, he reaches out to his enemies and forms a parasitic union between his own blood and theirs. Once he has established this blood union he can siphon power from it and use it to augment his spells. The blood mage can also use this power to cast spells called Rituals. Rituals are spells that consume both mana and the power created by the blood union. Some rituals require a specific level of union and others are simply more powerful if used while a blood union is in place, but all rituals deplete the blood union once used.

Blood Union also affects spells that arenít rituals, though only rituals require Blood Union in order to cast.

Ritual of Shielding
This ritual shields your allies from damage by using the power from your blood union to block incoming attacks. The shield will stay up as long as it still has hit points.

This ritual will remove all of your Blood Union Points
Adds a 200 hit point rune
Rune hit points increase by 200 per level of Blood Union
Scarlet Ritual
This ritual summons negative energy from the blood union you have forced upon your opponent to damage them.

Deals a large amount of arcane damage
Requires at least Blood Union 4
Removes 4 Blood Union Points

Life Transferring
The blood mage will have many tools at his disposal to transfer the various energies of himself and his opponents.

Entwining Vein
This spell steals health from your opponent and returns it to an ally.

Drains life from your opponent
Heals an ally for 50% of the damage done
Increases by 10% per level of Blood Union
Physical Transmutation
This spell transfers your endurance to your health.

You lose 50% of your current endurance
You are healed for 200% of the drained endurance

Not only is the blood mage arcane, but he is also studied in the knowledge of his fellows beings. The blood mage can perform experiments on living tissue in order to make symbiotic creatures to live on himself or his allies. When you have a symbiote attached to you, you gain whatever abilities the corresponding symbiote grants. (You can cast these abilities as if they were granted to you by your class trainer, for a period of time)

The process of creating a symbiote is somewhat disturbing. It requires a fresh organ and a vial of your own blood. Once these two things are combined, depending on the organ, you will receive a symbiote.

Steal Mortality
This spell attempts to steal the last breath of life from your opponent by taking an organ from their body. The more vital the organ, the higher chance of a fatality.

This spell has a chance to kill your opponent when they are under 5% health
50% chance to kill
Chance to kill is increased by 10% per level of Blood Union
Attach Conducive Symbiote
This spell attaches a Conducive Symbiote on you. This symbiote lives on you and grants you an ability to use.

Requires a Conducive Symbiote
Ability Granted - Conducive Blood
You may only have one symbiote attached to you at a time.
Conducive Blood
This ability allows your heals to be more effective on any ally that is affected.

Heals are 10% more effective on a target for 60 seconds

Spell Casting Focuses
On top of the other tools in the blood mages arsenal, he also has spell casting focuses to use. These are spell casting forms that allow him to focus on different areas of combat, depending on his situation.

Focus of Gelenia
This form allows you to slowly trade your health for greater power. As you lose health you gain increased damage, immunity to poison and disease and you gain extra blood union with your opponent.

You lose 5% of your health every 5 seconds
All poison and disease counters are removed every 5 seconds
Add 25% Damage
You gain 1 Blood Union Point every 5 seconds
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The Basics
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