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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:30 am

Cloaked in dreadful shadow Dread Knights embrace enemies in a shroud of fear. Doom creeps upon enemies at first, and then permeates their being, stealing their courage and weakening their spirit. Powerless before the Dread Knights massive attacks enemies crumble and sometimes flee.

Dread Knight Attribute Information
Dread Knight Starting Attributes

Strength/ Constitution /Dexterity /Vitality/ Intelligence /Wisdom
35 50 40 35 25 25
Suggested Attribute Investment Priority

Strength/ Constitution /Dexterity /Vitality/ Intelligence /Wisdom

Melee Proficiency
The dread knight has no qualms about getting his hands dirty in melee combat. He does what it takes, even if it includes methods that are less than acceptable to those who value their good image. Even though he may use otherwise despicable actions, he is not without tools to protect his allies.

You feed off the pain of your opponent, dealing them damage and draining their health. This ability may only be used from behind.

Ravaging Darkness
Deals damage to your opponent over time and drains their endurance over time. The longer your opponent remains under the effects of this ability the more your Dreadful Countenance increases.

Enthralling Nexus
This ability rescues your defensive target from an incoming attack, causing all offenders to attack you for a short time.

Dreadful Countenance
Mastery of fear allows the dread knight to literally exude a palpable aura of fear. This fear debilitates all opponents around him. The dread knight increases the level of fear that opponents have by using actions that are underhanded.

Wave of Despair - Second Level Dreadful Countenance
Your opponent's fear of you mounts, as does the debilitation caused by it. They become less likely to flee in your presence, more vulnerable to being stabbed in the back, all spiritual spells deal more damage to them and they become panicked.

Shadow Incarnate
This spell transforms you into a fearsome shadow, maximizing your Dreadful Countenance.

Spell Proficiency
During his search for the most powerful tools against his enemies the dread knight has amassed a good amount of melee abilities and spells. His spells are powerful and can be used to a variety of ends that suit the needs of an ambitious fighter.

Shadow Step
Teleports you behind your opponent.

Symbol of Wrath
This symbol increases your damage. The amount of damage increase you get becomes higher, the higher your Dreadful Countenance is. You may only have one Symbol active at a time.

Vile Howl
This spell causes opponents around you to flee from you in terror for a short
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The Basics
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