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PostSubject: Affinities   Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:31 am

Cleric affinities are basically worshipng a certain God in the game that gives you certain spells and abilities.

the Affinities are War, Death, Peace, Preservation, Purification.



ok go to hathor zhi and find the cleic trainer(Tar’iia Tem’erae) inside
the bottom of the tower, he will give you the first step of quest. Then
he will send you to Donovan's Roost. You will have to go through what he
tells you.

* Stance
Aspect of the Destroyer
+30% melee damage
+10% melee accuracy
+15% block chance
-75% healing power(also all casting time on spells are increased)

Blood Hammer I-V: FINISHER 400% weapon damage +scaling damage based on level
Hammer of Carnage I-IV: FINISHER(triggered by Blood Hammer) 400% + scaling damage
Truncheon of Ghalnn I-III:FINISHER(triggered by Hammer of carnage) 400% damage + scaling damage
Speed of Ghalnn: All melee attacks are performed twice(guessing for 10 min)
Avatar of Ghalnn: +20% melee damage, +10% critical chance, Immunes to Knockback and Stun



ok go to ahgram and find the cleric tariner(Nehi Sekamqa) he will probly will
send you somewhere but alas i have not done this affinity so wouldnt be able
help to much

Deathbringer Mien
+30% spiritual damage
+10% spell critical chance
-20% energy cost
-90% healing power

Wraith Touch I-III:Spell that adds chance to drian 31-36 life(II and III may be bugged)
Spectral Anchor I: ROOT/DOT slows movement by 60% and deals 809-854 damage over 30 sec
Necrosis I: DOT 1347-1735 damage over 48 sec
Gloom: DEBUFF reduces targets accuraccy by 20% for 60 sec
Terror I: fears target for 12 sec
Soul Schism I: DEBUFF makes target to be 35% more susceptible to critical hits
Death Kiss: spell that deals 1710-1802 damage
Gravemaster's Aegis: shield that will heal damage taken. Up to 375 an attack. Will dissipate after 3000 hp is healed


* Quest
ok go to New Targonor and speak to Priest Raoul. He will give you an orb to
take to ahgram and right click it, then you bring the orb back to Raoul. And
that is the walkthrough because its easy.

Reportedly there is no given stance but will update if i find differently

Ethereality: Invis for 10 min(may be experiancing some problems)
Edict of Piece I-IV: Pacifying your target and reducing your damage by 150.
Power of Piece I-V: reduces your opponents hatred of you by 375-399 on every hit
Durance: ROOT roots yours opponent for 60 sec
Absolution: AOE PACIFY, calms all opponents within 10M of you
Penitence: eliminates targets hatred of others and reduces agro ranger (just like lull)
Blessing of Tranquility I: BUFF causes your defensive targets attacks to generate 30% less hatred
Truce: All enemies will forget your previous actions( hear its bugged and i dont totally understand how it works)


ok go to Tanvu and speak to Hano Pho. He will send you to Jin'ka Forest and
talk to a guardian at the forests entrance to get a key to bring back to
Hano Pho. Another easy one.

* Stance
Aspect of the Guardian
+15% block chance
+15% spelldamage absorbtion
imunity to stun

* Abilities
Divine Aura:Summons a divine barrier granting complete invulnerability. Cannot activate other abilities or be affected by any other(juast like Divine Barrier)
Nimbus of Warding: shields your defensive target from 2 incoming spell for 5 min
Holy Command: stuns target for 6 sec,can only stun each target once every 60 sec
Balance: Splits the groups total HP evenly betweeen the group members
Protection I: RESCUE heals defensive target and takes the next 3 to 5 attacks upon the defensive target.
Shield of the Divine: shield upon your defensive target that absorbs 50% of all incomeing damage for 20 sec. can only effect the target once every 5 min
Boon of the Shieldmaiden: +5% block and healed for 375 on each attack taken for 12 sec


* Quest
ok go to Leth Nurae and speak to Elandon Naeronum and he gives you the quest
for this.

* Stance
no stance given for this is given will update if changed

Pure Arua: AOE damaging all undead targets who attack you for 56-65 damage
Rebuke of Vol Anari: FINISHER 400% damage plus 197-224
Maul of Vol Anari: FINISHER 400% damage plus 249-266
Fires of Vol Anari: DEBUFF -15% damage mitigation, -10% resistance to criticals, and 1431-1508 DoT
Fury of Vol Anari:FINISHER 400% damage plus 440-467
Gift of Wholeness: removes all poisons from allies
Holy Word: Spell deals 4294-4624
Blood of Purity: grants you immunity to poisons
***all attacks in this affinity are granted only against undead***
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