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 Afrit Weapon's quest

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PostSubject: Afrit Weapon's quest   Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:07 am

Thanks to jagster:

Here is a brief walk through of what I have done so far....followed by some questions if anyone has info for me.

1. Go to the Afrit outpost on Quaila that is south of Rahz Inkur.

2. Type /showfaction

3. You need -1000 Full Faction with Var Efreet to start quest (As a Kojan Disciple I started off at -4000 faction but a Dark elf guild mate was -1800 )

4. Talk to Guard Captain Rexmal he offers 2 faction quests that are repeatable.
*When you right click the cards you get a random number of seering stones, 50 stones can then be converted into a bag of seering stones.

5.Talk to Grand provisioner Taravin, he offers quests depending on your faction that involve turning in bags for items....when ever you turn in bags for a item you also get 50 faction for each bag...so if you turn in say 60 bags you will get +3000 faction.
*I recomend taking the Provisions: Var concotions quest , it's repeatable and gives you a choice of some food or a mez potion for 1 bag.

6.When you reach -1000 full var efreet faction Handler Aerco will offer you the weapon quest...he tells you to go to Nusibe.

7. In the main hall of Nusibe the Lord will tell you to talk to Berakut ( He is in the room with the undead exiled where you get the core quest for the pillar).

8. Berakut gives you a quest for the hilt wich is Kill 100 undead.

9. Return to the Lord in main room and he offers you another quest you need wich is collect 50 blue shards.

10. The main room is good for this, you can kill 3 dots here for the kills and the blue gems drop often enough that by the tiem you finish your 100 the blue shards will be done as well.

11. Talk to Berakut again and recive the hilt.

12. Talk to the Lord again and get a new quest for the reconstructed weapon. You will need 3 rare Shards and 5 Rare fragments of Arazmus.
*Most mummy type mobs 3 dot or higher have a rare chance of droping these...the quest tells you Lords and nobels...but I have not seen any lords in nusibe.
There is a chamber area where some nobels are, but they do not guarntee a shard or fragment drop....just a sligtly better drop rate than regular mobs in here.
*What I did was clear the main hall of mobs all the way up both sides of the ramp, this gives you a chance that 3 diffrent named will spawn.
3 dot dog hekat, a 3 dot mummy Aa'jul , and a 4 dot spider. Named mobs drop a fragment / shard almost every time.
*If you have done the core quest you camp the pillar room for a 4 dot named Tetqu that drops a shard / fragment....there is also a named snake in the pit sometimes.

13.Once you have the shards / fragments return to the lord and he will give you the reconstructed weapon. Talk to him again and he asks if your ready to be ported...

14. You are ported onto the top of a pyramid in the harbor near nusibe (about 800 yards away) there will be a flame with a ! (click it and get the kill 4 guardians quest).

15. On each corner of the Pyramid is a guardian that is a 4 dot light blue con to a lv 50.
*The lord only ports those on this step of the quest to the pyramid...even if you are past this step he won't port any others Depending on your class a 4 dot light blue can be tough to solo. But there is still a few ways you can get help.
*1. have your group run to the pyramid , then you pull the guardians and jump down to them. You will have to run back to nusibe and get ported again as many times as you need to......Or
2. Have someone cast levitate on your group members and have them run up the North eastern mountain nearby, if they look up and run from the high point of the mountain , they can make it to the pyramid top.

16. When the guardians are defeated put the reconstructed weapon in your main hand and then go click the flame at the top with the ! you will recive the flame quest item in your inventory.
Open your equipment screen and right click your reconstructed weapon...it will merge with the flame and form a new weapon that is a yellow rare. You are ported back instantly to Nusibe, talk with the lord again and this segemnt of quest is over.

17.Go back to the Afrit outpost and talk to the Handler Aerco again, he will offer you a quest to Upgrade your rare Arazmus weapon for 20 searing stone bags.

18. Combine the orb he gives you the same way you did the weapon and the flame.
This gives you a better yellow rare weapon. (Rare+). You also recive +1000 faction for your 20 bag turn in ( This put me at a even Zero faction).

19. At this point a heroic lv 48 Ring quest opens from grand provisioner Taravin for 60 bags.

20. When I turned in for the ring I was at +3k faction and a lv 49 Heroic earing quest opend for 60 bags.

21. When I got the earing I was at +6k faction and a quest opened up for a Heroic spell scroll choice for 50 bags.

.................................................. .................................................. ....
What is next ?

I was told that at +10K faction a quest to make your rare+ weapon heroic opens up, and then later legendary.
However, tonight I got +10,050 full faction with var efreet and no new weapon quest opened

So does anyone know if this quest actualy goes beyond Rare+ ?
*The patch notes say a new upgrade for weapon quest for people with +10k faction....
*Reading test server, the 5/2 last patch notes... it mentions something about a raz inkur event for the arazmus weapon being fixed.
*It dosent make sense to me that the quest line ends here when graystone is a lv 46 heroic weapon....and mine in its curent state is lv 49 Rare + and i had to do work in a harder dungon (Nusibe).

Does anyone know what the heroic scrolls are for ? ( When I picked the caster one I got a new spell in my book that banishes a efreet for 30 sec but says it can only be used if the offensive fighter has his vershion of the spell and has casted vulnrability )
* I am asuming the defensive fighter needs to do his vershion provocation to start, followed by offensive fighter vulnrabilty and then i do my banishment....but what exactly is it for, seems like alot of work to get rid of a mob for only 30 sec and it has a 1 min recast ).

Sabin Hadouken - Lv 50 Disciple ( Hilsbury )
Venger Darkstar - Lv 22 Necromancer ( Hilsbury )
From a dev on silkyvenom...

"There is a slight problem. Fortunately, there is no quest involved so Handler Aerco was never going to offer one. What was supposed to happen was if you had already upgraded the weapon after turning in 20 bags, he would tell you to enter Rahz Inkur and seek the Oracle in the tower of sorcery.
He also states that you would have to summon the Oracle from her plane, and will need to find the Eye of Zukayr to do this properly.

So basically Handler Aerco was just going to guide you to Rahz Inkur. What you need to do is find the Eye of Zukayr from any efreet in Rahz, and summon the Oracle in the tower of sorcery. You will know what to do when you get there."

The eye of Zukayr is a rare ring that drops from random Efreeti around and in
Rahz. I have seen many of them drop.
Once you have the ring of Zukayr (random drop in Rahz – instanced loot – so if you see it, loot it as not all in the group will see it on the corpse when it drops) go up to the top of the tower in Rahz Inkur. There are 3 rings of symbols around the pedestal in the middle of the room.

Talk to the efreeti up there. Then click the pedestal beside him to get three wisps of sorts.
Wear your ring, and slowly walk over the symbols on the outer ring. The name of each symbol will appear on your screen. When you are over the correct symbol and are wearing the ring, the name of the symbol will appear in a different color.
Right click one of the wisps in your inventory to place it on the symbol. Repeat for the other 2 symbols. Return to the efreeti, and he will check the combination. If you get it right he will tell you to do the same thing for the 2nd and then the 3rd and final rings.
Assuming you’ve done them all correctly, 4 efreeti will spawn and start whacking on the wisps. Your goal here is to keep at least one of the wisps alive. So take out those giants.
There are 3 waves of 4 efreetis each, and they get progressively harder, ending with 4 level 53 5 or 6 dots (can’t remember – been a while). While possible to do in a single group, most will find 2 groups easier to keep crowd control under wraps.

Once you’ve killed all 3 waves of 4 giants the Oracle will spawn. Kill him and his spirit will remain. If you have the upgraded weapon, all you have to do at that point is right click the spirit before it poofs and your weapon will upgrade.

For the stats, go to vg-en.curse-gaming.com and do an item search for "arazmus." All of the rewards are arazmus, variation of whatever. The heroic versions appearing in orange are the end rewards.
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Afrit Weapon's quest
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