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 Dungeons and raids

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PostSubject: Dungeons and raids   Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:59 pm


Dungeons and raids

Adventurers in the Ruins of Trengal Keep, a massive dungeon complex on Thestra.Telon contains a large number of dungeons with a broad range of size and theme, found in many types of locations; some are very large, and many are above-ground structures or even outdoor adventure areas rather than traditional subterranean catacombs as such. Although most of the dungeon content is aimed at the 'full-group' encounter (six players) there are numerous areas, particularly at the lower levels, designed for solo play and small groups (2-3 players.) All dungeons are open "public" dungeons; there is no instancing anywhere in Telon.

Vanguard added a major raid dungeon, the Ancient Port Warehouse (APW,) in late 2007. It uses a sharding system similar in some ways to traditional instancing to reduce overcrowding during the period following its release on the live servers. This implementation allows up to ten separate raid groups to operate in a single shard (copy) of the dungeon, with extra shards spawning as needed to accommodate more groups. It is not yet known whether this type of sharding (used also in EverQuest II) is to be used permanently in APW or in future raid content released by the development team.

In addition to the Ancient Port Warehouse, Vanguard features several overland raid enounters. Another raid dungeon, a raid version of the Pantheon of the Ancients, is scheduled for release in late 2008 or early 2009. The Pantheon exists already as a normal dungeon for level 30 characters.
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Dungeons and raids
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