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 Xennumut Dungeon Key

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PostSubject: Xennumut Dungeon Key   Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:26 pm


Dragonís Backbone is a nice little quest hub for anyone level 32-38, except for the fact that it has gnomes - lots of gnomes. Predictably, their curiousity and desire to tinker has them knee deep in a mystery, and itís your job to help them figure it out. If you complete their tasks, youíll be rewarded not only with a nice set of shoulders, but also a key to the Temple of Xennumet, which is a dungeon located on one of the islands offshore.

The questline for the Xenn dungeon key starts by talking to Ligor Kwaggle, in one of the tents at the little outpost along the Dragonís Backbone shore. Heís discovered a pedestal with some strange glyphs on them, and youíre asked to seek out a means to translate them. Bring back some bricks from the ruins along the shore to complete this quest, but make sure to look both inside the bulidings and outside around the ruins to find them.

Above: A view of the ruins of a massive underwater city, buried under the sea after the Cataclysm.

After that comes the quest Blue Stele, which I assume is an homage to Ben Stillerís character from Zoolander. Grab an invis and an underwater breathing buff for this one, and head down to the ruins in the water to retrieve the stone tablets that Ligor asks for. Once thatís done, head back to shore and look for the odd looking stone obelisks scattered around. Click on the charcoal in your bags to get the needed glyph rubbings. You can get all 12 from the same stone, so just keep clicking. Lastly, you need a crystal bit from one of the Xenn. Theyíre fairly uncommon, but if you kill the 3 dot Xenn near the ruins youíll get it eventually.

After turning them in, Ligor is able to translate the ďTale of the Lost Ones,Ē and asks you to retrive the three plans that instruct on how to build an energy cell to power up the mysterious activation crystal. Go get Ligor his drill bit first, and then make your way to Tri Peak Island to click on the three chests on each peak. Of course, after that, Ligor asks you to go get the ingredients, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to kill the leeches, grazers, and Xenn that roam around the ruins. Also, get another set of invis and underwater breathing buffs to scour the sea floor for scrap metal. Now, for some reason, the scrap metal looks like a pile of bones, so click on any bones you find (and if you know the explanation why, please let me know!)

Now itís time to activate the crystal, which is located out on Tri Peak Isle. When you get there, click the energy cells in your bags, then click the three pedestals around the crystal. Lastly, click the crystal, but make sure to work swiftly - itís on a timer and if you donít snag the crystal in time, it poofs and you have to swim all the way back to Ligor to get another set of energy cells.

Next comes the fun part. Over in Mekalia is a long-dormant metal golem named Animus. The activation crystal will power him up, and allow Ligor to unravel the mystery of the Lost Ones. He will port you over to Mekalia. Once there, click on Animus to power him up and speak to him.

Above: Animus tells the Tale of the Lost Ones. Iím not intimidated, not at all.

He reveals that long ago, the Xennumet Empire mastered the ability to use magic crystals to communicate and travel. In fact, they became so good at it, that they didnít even need the crystals, and instead became a borg-like collective. At the center was a being called the All-Father, and through his direction, the Xennu could coordinate their telepathic efforts to spread their empire. The borg was shattered, however, during the Cataclysm, and many Xennu either perished or went mad. The few who survived reside in the depths of the Temple of Xennumet, located on Mindís Crown.

If you continue to hail Animus, he will give you a quest to attune a key crystal that he gives you. To do this, you need to head back to Dragonís Backbone and search for four glowing pedestals - two on the Island of Madness and two on Stranglewater Shore. To find the ones on the Island of Madness, invis up and work your way through the island towards the large stone tower up the hill. You will pass one pedestal on the way there, just before the big hill to the tower. The other pedestal is in the tower itself.

Above: Island of Madness. One of the four pedestals can be found in the tower

On Stranglewater, the pedestals are found in the tallest tower and on top of the pyramid. Again, invis up and you should be safe to run to each one. A quick sprint back to Ligor, and you now have your Mekalian Researcherís Pauldrons and your Xennumet key!

This is a fun quest, and amazing experience for anyone level 32 and up. I havenít explored the Temple of Xennumet yet, but Iím looking forward to it. Who would have thought that working for a gnome could be so much fun!

Note: To enter the Xennu dungeon you go to a little island to the NW in the "Minds Crown" chunk. There you will find a portal that you click on to ent[Reposted from [url=http://www.journeyser - you only need 1 key and the portal will stay open for about 30 minutes so others can join you!

withjaye.com/?p=746]Journeys with Jaye[/url] - author jayernh]

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Xennumut Dungeon Key
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