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 Leveling Guide (11-20)

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PostSubject: Leveling Guide (11-20)   Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:03 pm

I. Level 11
By now, you have had some time to experiment with the skills you learned at level 10. If you hop into any group roles that place you as the tank, remember to use Taunting Strike I so that you can get more aggro. And rely on Protect I to help peel mobs that start looking cross-eyed at any squishy companions.

This is definitely the time to start looking at making the trip to other continents and hitting way points for fast travel to groups later. Along the way, you'll bump into some mobs to kill and the occasional group. Just a few of the group quests around this level (think bee hive in Qalia or floating island on Kojan) will get you to level 12 in no time.

II. Levels 12-13
Now you get new skills, with Shield of Maiming I being the only new spell line. Shield of Maiming requires you be in the Defensive stance. It deals decent damage and reduces the damage output of the target for 24 seconds. This skill makes Defensive stance a little more palatable when in a group with plenty of damage. Considering that you lose many of your damage-dealing skills when in Defensive stance, having a new one that both deals decent damage and lowers the damage you take is a nice benefit for hitting level 12.

III. Levels 14-15
Four of the five skills learned at this level are the first in a new line of skills for you, so this is a very defining level. First off is Infuriating Shot I, which deals so-so damage but adds hate. It can be used in either stance, so it is a nice option for building hate while in Offensive stance in a group missing other damage dealers. Shield Bash I also provides some low damage while adding hate and can be used in either stance. Keep in mind that it requires you to have a shield equipped.

Another incentive to use Defensive stance, Stinging Cut I does 150% melee damage, adds a little hate on impact, and adds a large chunk of hate over time. Meanwhile, Withdraw I wipes a lot of the hate generated for all combatants against the target and causes subsequent attacks to generate much less hate. When used in Defensive stance, this can give a Warrior one more tool to wipe aggro from a healer while building up more of his own.

IV. Levels 16-17
The skills learned at level 16 are all part of existing lines, so you'll be more powerful but your style of play will not change much. What will change is the nature of some of your quests. You should find yourself facing more 4-dot and stronger mobs now. This will make grouping almost necessary and give you a chance to practice your role as a tank.

Again, consider switching to Defensive stance when your group has plenty of damage dealers. If you are in a duo or trio, or your group is made up of mostly healers and tanks, choose Offensive stance to help kill faster.

V. Levels 18-19
Level 18 is huge for learning skills, and 6 out of 10 of them start new lines! This level will certainly change the way you play your Warrior. Grim Determination I allows you to gain back some energy by attacking a mob. This will be handy when grouping and taunting has you low on energy.

Myrmidon's Gift causes your next 3 attacks to be criticals, perfect for trying to fire off a finisher in Offensive stance. Along the same lines, Obliterate I lets you follow Decimate with another nice damage skill when in Offensive stance.

Raise Defenses I help you bail out a teammate if you cannot peel a mob by causing them to receive 25% less damage for the next 8 seconds. This will give you time to fire off a couple of taunts and a Taunting Strike at the very least. Another skill to bail out comrades is Shout of Defiance I, which adds hate and forces the mob to target you. Beware: the mob will do 25% more damage for the next 15 seconds, so if you lose aggro after the 3 attacks forced on you it could cost the life of a party member.

Finally, Smash I requires a shield, does heavy damage, and adds 2 seconds of stun. Using it sets your stance to Defensive. This is one more skill that you can use while grouping to contribute damage while in Defensive form, and the stun is a nice bonus for disrupting casters.

VI. Level 20
You've reached level 20! This skills this time are upgrades of previous lines, so you have more time to adjust to the boatload you learned at level 18. Group as much as possible and try different combos to see how well you can protect your group while maximizing damage.

By now, you should be able to travel to a couple of the hubs for activity on each continent. It's usually pretty easy to get groups for the Strand of the Ancients and Kalendra's Coven in Qalia if all else fails.

VII. Soloing
Against Single Mobs
Stick to Offensive form and try to pick on white and yellow 2-dot mobs or blue to white 3-dot mobs. Throw in a Devastating Blow any time it looks like the mob is beginning casting animation. Whenever possible, follow Decimate with Obliterate. If you need a critical so that you can fire off a finisher in a close fight, lean on Myrmidon's Gift. Also consider Kick, which seems to have a high crit rate in my testing.

Against Multiple Mobs
If facing 3 or more, you might do well to be in Defensive stance to get the damage mitigation. Also use Shield of Maiming on the toughest foe to reduce its damage output for 24 seconds. Also be sure to really burn endurance on skills such as Savage Cut and Stinging Cut. If you need to, use Adamant Foeman to force a block and trigger Smash. Use Riposte whenever possible for a good damage-to-endurance ratio.

Once you are down to one foe (or two weaker ones), it may be wise to switch back to Offensive stance so that you can dish out damage quickly. Keep a hair trigger on skills that stun enemies (Stunning Below, etc). These can buy you precious seconds without damage and increase your survival rate.

VIII. Grouping
Party Has Plenty of Damage
Assume Defensive stance and practice doing as much damage as possible while still leaving yourself an emergency pool for taunts and rescues. Until you are an expert on using the skills available in Defensive stance, stick to it even against weaker trash mobs. The practice will pay off when your group is really counting on you for survival in tougher situations.

Party is Small, Has Little Damage, or Another Tank
In these situations, you can stay in Offensive stance and serve as a damage dealer. You can still generate hate with taunts and Taunting Strike if you are the only tank. The exception to this rule of thumb would be if the party is assailed by multiple mobs. Then it may be best to be in Defensive stance so that you can build a lot of hate.

IX. Conclusion
Levels 11-20 as a Warrior should be your time to learn the ropes as a tank. The difference between Offensive and Defensive stance can make it seem as though you are playing 2 different characters in one at times. Use this to your advantage and adapt to your groups. The skills you pick up on the way from 11 to 20 will make Defensive stance a much more viable option than it was between levels 8-10. Meanwhile, you can always revert to Offensive stance to deal damage in a pinch.
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Leveling Guide (11-20)
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