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 Tier 5 Jewelry - A buyers guide

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PostSubject: Tier 5 Jewelry - A buyers guide   Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:42 am

I originally made this for my guild forum and edited it a bit for the Telon Times....

Thought I'd make a bit of a listing of what can be made with T5 jewelry and a little bit of how it's made, so you know what to ask for!

To start off, these are the cuts that can be made to jewelry and they define both the attributes (or resistances) and the continental style you will end up with:

    Teardrop Cut -- Thestran Style -- Adds Strength or Ice Resistance
    Trilliant Cut -- Thestran Style -- Adds Dexterity or Fire Resistance
    Baguette Cut -- Qalian Style -- Adds Intelligence or Mental Resistance
    Diamond Cut -- Qalian Style -- Adds Wisdom or Spirit Resistance
    Oval Cut -- Kojan Style -- Adds Vitality or Physical Resistance
    Marquise Cut -- Kojan Style -- Adds Constitution or Arcane Resistance


The next step is to "attune" the gem using attuning crystals. There are only 3 attuning crystals that can be used:

    Attuning Crystals of Energy -- Adds energy to item.
    Attuning Crystals of Health -- Adds hitpoints to item.
    Attuning Crystals of Hexes -- Adds spell damage and healing focus to item

Update: Apparently they stealth fixed Hexes attuning so you can now get heal focus along with the spell damage focus.


The final step is to create the jewelry item, this uses 1 gem from above and uses an Exquisite Granite Support. The granite support is made from plain granite blocks and cannot be enhanced or it will not work with the recipe.

This is when the resonating crystals are used, and the final step to make the uncommon piece of jewelry.

    Resonating Crystals of Divergence (Rare) -- Adds parry to all jewelry items.
    Resonating Crystals of Defense (Uncommon) -- Adds Parry, Dodge and Block Skills to all jewelry items.
    Resonating Crystals of Mastery (Rare)

      Adds Slash skill to Rings only.
      Adds Piercing skill to Necklaces only.
      Adds Blunt skill to Earrings only.

    Resonating Crystals of Countering (Uncommon) -- Adds spell countering skill to all jewelry items.
    Resonating Crystals of Conjuration (Uncommon) -- Adds conjuration skill to earrings only.
    Resonating Crystals of Evocation (Uncommon) -- Adds evocation skill to necklaces only.
    Resonating Crystals of Alteration (Uncommon) -- Adds Alteration skill to rings only.
    Resonating Crystals of Avoidance (Uncommon) -- Adds Melee Evasion Bonus to earrings only.
    Resonating Crystals of Knowledge (Uncommon) -- Adds Spell Identification bonus to all jewelry items
    Resonating Crystals of Perfection (Rare) -- Adds Melee Accuracy bonus to necklaces only. Bugged as of 11/25/08, Doesn't work.
    Resonating Crystals of the Assassin (Heroic) -- Adds Ranged Critical bonus to necklaces only.
    Resonating Crystals of the Evoker (Rare) -- Adds Spell Damage bonus to rings only.
    Resonating Crystals of the Marksman (Rare) -- Adds Ranged Damage bonus to earrings only.
    Resonating Crystals of the Sniper (Uncommon) -- Adds Ranged Accuracy bonus to rings only.


The Upgrade Process:

Step 1:

    Lapis Lazuli Sample (rare) -- Upgrades to a rare, "Superior" item. Requires level 43 to equip.
    Aquamarine Sample (ultra-rare) -- Upgrades to a Heroic, "Flawless" item. Requires level 44 to equip.

Note: Aquamarine is the rarest of the ultra-rares, so I wouldn't bother looking atm. (The droprate is like .0000000001%) I've only seen two on the auction channels and both were selling for 1.5-2pp. Not worth it for the small upgrade you get imo.

Step 2 simply requires a True Silver sheet, crafted from a journeyman blacksmith and uses one True Silver Ore (rare).


That's it! Hopefully this will allow folks to know what their options are, basically just pick whatever is best from each of the sections above and let your favorite jewelry maker know what you want!

Latest Bugs/Issues:
    All jewelry items *must* be attuned, You have to use either Health, Hexes or Energy Crystals atm, you can't stay with Attribute-Only items anymore.
    Resonating Crystals of Perfection - These table but do not work for necklaces as indicated.

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Tier 5 Jewelry - A buyers guide
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