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PostSubject: Travel   Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:36 am


There are various ways to travel through Telon, besides simple walking on land. Each of these serve different purposes.

The most common mounts are horses, present in the game from launch and purchasbale in certain settlements. The lowest-level, slowest mounts can be purchased at level 10, with faster versions unlocked and buyable at levels 20, 30 and 40. Characters can also buy camels, or complete quest chains to acquire various alternative mounts such as diplomatic horses, arena camels, or the Shadowhound and Unicorn special mounts. More recently, racial mounts have been introduced, in 19 variants, one for each race, and upgradeable to the best available nonflying mounts in the game. These are gained by acheiving a certain amount of factional reputation with a racial city's faction; a character can acquire the faction mount for any race given effort. Flying mounts, the Griffin and Wyvern, are to be gained through city faction, a mechanism that has since been used for other unique equipment as well.

Player-crafted ships are currently available in Tier 3 (the Sloop) or Tier 4 (the Caravel). Tier 5 ships (Galleons) have been designed but have not yet been released as of November 2008. Sloops are available in three variants, one for each continent, and each continent allows three different colors. Caravels allow one additional color per continent (such as dark gray for Thestran vessels, which is not available for Thestran sloops) and additionally also offer several options per continent for the figurehead (such as Caia/Lady or Mara/Skeleton for Thestran, the continent with the least options.) There are also NPC ships placed in the world, some of which move around and can be used to travel to other continents.

A Riftway system, added post-launch, aids travel within the world between certain predefined locations. Many of the important quest areas have a Riftway, and there are four special riftways, called hubs, next to major cities, which are free to teleport to. Teleporting to the other rifway locations requires a fee (in game currency,) getting more expensive the higher the level of the riftway location. Travel to high-level areas via the Riftway system is level restricted.

Flying Mounts
Flying mounts can be obtained in Vanguard and the sight of them is not uncommon in Telon. Some quest areas disallow them; a character who attempts to fly over one of these areas will be dismounted and float to the ground under a parachute buff.

Vendors near the Riftway stones (except the free hubs) sell temporary flying mounts. The price varies according to the level of the riftstone. On Thresta Griffons are sold, Qalia offers Wyverns, and Kojan offers Pegasi. All temporary mounts last for 5 minutes, after the expiration os which the player gets a 10 minute parachute buff to avoid falling to their death.

There are also permanent flying mounts, which come in three variants, all of which are quite hard to obtain. The slowest variant is the Pegasus, which can be gained the via city faction in same way as the racial mounts, though it is harder to unlock than even the best of those. Permanent Pegasi are slower than temporary flying mounts.

The middle variant is the Wyvern, which requires the completion of a questline that includes killing the last and hardest mob of the raid dungeon Ancient Port Warehouse (APW) as well as one of the overland raid mobs, which is non-instanced and on a respawn timer.

The last and fastest variant is the Griffon, which requires the longest questline to obtain, and one of the most challenging in the game. The initially unlocked Griffon, the Young Gryffon, is as fast as the temporary mounts, while the upgrade, the Venerable Griffin, is the fastest of all mounts.
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