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 Griffon Mount

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PostSubject: Griffon Mount   Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:18 am

The Griffon Mount quest starts in the Southwatch chunk. From Southwatch (the city) travel north up into the mountains. You'll come around a corner and there will be Griffons on either side of the road. Look for Sout Cogsworth on a small hill to the right of the road.

Requirement: You must be 45+ for part one, level 50 is recommended beyond that. (You will most likely die a lot!)

After talking to Cogsworth he'll give you a quest to collect Griffon feathers.

Quest #1: The objective is to travel to one of several locations, use the Image Modifier to turn yourself into a shrubbery and while disguised pluck feathers from ailing Griffon hatchlings. Note: Be sure to stay 15m from the adult Griffons, they will spot you and attack. Rewards: 263,509 xp, Heroic Griffon Watch Necklace, Uncommon Gloves (nice ) and a drink.

Quest #2: Report for Duty in New Targonor. Objective travel to New Targonor and talk to Naziel Brockman in the House Vermach district. Notes: To get to Naziel: from the crafting square enter House Vermach district and turn left. Travel to the doorway to House Caberton and turn left (a house will be on your left and a wall on your right) follow this narrowing passage to the end, turn left and Naziel will be there waiting for you. Rewards: 46,638 xp, 1sp 40cp.

Quest #3: Naziel's Request: Objective - Collect Saliva from Torlaxis, Collect Beating Heart from Pharoah Harakhan, and Collect Sporeling from the Spore Keeper.

This is actually 3 quests all in one. You'll need to kill several 'boss' mobs to complete this quest.

The easiest part is collecting the saliva from Torlaxis. To do this you'll need a group to go into Rahz Inkur and kill random mobs inside the temple there. You'll need to collect vials of "Efreeti Blood" that drop randomly and sometimes very rarely. Plan on spending a few hours. Once you've collected a few bloods you need to go to the Seal of Rahz (It's a large summoning circle, near where Majordomo spawns.) and simply click on the vials of blood. Clicking the vial inside the seal will spawn a placeholder, or it will spawn Torlaxis. It's random. If you get Torlaxis and kill him, you just need to loot his spit off the corpse and your done. If you don't, rinse and repeat. Torlaxis is a fairly straightforward mob and is by far the easiest of the three you need to kill.

The second boss, the Pharoah Harakhan spawns deep inside Nusibe Necropolis, North of ToT.
To spawn him you'll need to have completed a quest that begins in his chamber. The nice part is that you don't actually have to have the quest before you collect the body parts, so you can begin without the quest. The quest requires that you collect body parts of the Pharoah. Each part drops off of a different named boss inside the Necropolis (ie. the Ambassador, the God-King, etc). Only 1 part drops per boss - so make sure you designate one person to collect the parts or you'll be there for a good, long while!! Once you've collected them all you can summon the Pharoah - DO NOT TURN IN THE QUEST!!! If you turn in the quest you won't be able to summon him again and he's a rough fight and will wipe all but the best geared teams! When you do finally beat him don't forget to loot the heart!

Finally the toughest fight (imo!) is the Fungal Abomination. To spawn him you'll first need to collect a couple items from inside the Lair of the Mnalus. First up is the Stipe of King Mnal. To get this you'll need to kill the Prince to spawn the Queen - Kill the Queen and loot her blood and then on to King Mnal and kick his butt - easy right?! It is, compared to the Fungal Abomb!! Once you've downed King Mnal - loot the stipe. The next item you'll need is the Wind Essence from Hegnarian. So go kill him! Once you have both items securely in your inventory, you combine them to make "Magic Mushrooms". Take your LSD laced mushrooms to the area in the Swamps of Rumug indicated on your map (You should have a POI on your map for the Abomb) To spawn the Fungal Abombination, just walk up the hill following your waypoint and click your mushroom. You can do this over and over again without losing the mushroom. Without getting into specific strats I'll just tell you that you should plan on spending some quality time there and plan on dying a lot. This is probably the toughest fight you've ever faced with a 6 man team. Once you do get him down, don't get so excited that you forget to loot him!! You'll need the spore thingie!

(BUG ALERT! The Stipe of King Mnal and the Wind Essence of Hegnarian were not dropping last time I checked. You can still get what you need by doing a /petition if you have a problem with the drop.)

Once you've completed these, if you haven't cancelled your account in frustration, you can move on to the next part! Go back to New Targanor and speak to Naziel. He'll give you a piece of parchment and you'll be thinking "now what?!" Click on the parchment!!! It warps you to the next guy who gives you the next part of the quest!

Quest #4: Old Targanor

This next quest is an example of horrible MMO design! For this part you're required to go to Old Targanor and collect the seals from 7 boss mobs there.

To spawn the bosses, simply kill a bunch of mobs there until you get a message on your screen - it'll appear in big red letters on the center of your screen, much like a raid alert message. The boss mob that spawns is random, so you never know what one you'll get except by the message on the screen. Each boss scrolls a different message and they each spawn in different locations. Some of them wander, some are stationary. It takes awhile to figure it all out.

They're very difficult and some require specific classes to be present in your team. Without giving too much away, an example would be one particular boss that constantly heals and requires a counterspeller with a large amount of skill... another casts a disease spell that requires a healer capable of removing it... etc. Each boss has it's own unique flavor and they are certainly challenging. You'll also most likely encounter other groups there doing the same thing you are and the bosses are contested regularly. Most times you can take turns, but sometimes you'll run into jerks who will train you, jump in front of you, etc. It can get really frustrating so make sure you take a deep breath occassionally!

Quest 5: When I get there, I'll let you know!

Stay tuned and feel free to add more info!

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PostSubject: Re: Griffon Mount   Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:11 pm

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Griffon Mount
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