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 New Cleric level 51-55 spells!

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PostSubject: New Cleric level 51-55 spells!   Thu Feb 19, 2009 8:00 am

Originally posted by Kara at vanguardclerics.com

Here are the actual numbers and parts in red are the additions on that spell that wasn't in before! I'm really liking these so far. Will start a few other threads just for feedback, maybe we can compile what we like/don't like and the devs can adjust (maybe).

Level 51:

Maul of the Heavens: Upgrade to Maul of the Gods. Does 150% weapon damage plus 169 to 181 damage. Increases Str, Con, Dex, Vitaliy of your group by 62 and damage by 10% for 5 minutes. (the damage or buff amount wasn't increased)

Aegis of Renewal: Upgrade to Aegis of Blades. Does 419 to 445 AE damage within six meters every 3 sec. Every time it does damage it has a chance to restore some life and mana to you. 2 minute duration.

Divinity: Upgrade to Divine Light. Instantly heals your defensive target for 1788.

Level 53:

Boon of Spirit: Upgrade to Replenshing Strike. Deals 50% weapon damage and restores 466 energy to you. After 20 seconds it has a chance to restore an additional 210 energy to you.

Spirit's Elixer: Upgrade to Alliviate. Heals your defensive target for 4550 over 24 seconds. (alliviate now is only 18 sec duration).

Blessed Recovery: Upgrade to Healing Touch. Heals your defensive target for 1868.

Level 55:

Shroud of Renewal: Upgrade to Shroud of Health. Heals group for 2130.

Revitalize: Upgrade to Rejuvenate. A powerful heal that returns 3652 life to your defensive target.

Affinity specific spells: (Level 55)

[War] Trucheon of Ghalnn IV: 400% weapon damage plus 520 to 551.

[Peace] Power of Peace VI: Weapon consencration reducing your hated by 419 to 445 every hit.

[Preservation] Boon of the Shieldmaiden II: Increased block chance by 5% and each time you are attacked you will be healed for 425 over 12 seconds.

[Purification] Pure Aura V: An undead opponent that hits you will take 156 to 169 damage.

[Death] Death's Kiss II: Deals 1869 to 1970 spiritual damage to your offensive target.

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New Cleric level 51-55 spells!
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