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 Disciple Learned Abilities

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PostSubject: Disciple Learned Abilities   Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:06 am

Reposted from Aeri_Orion's post at the Knights of 3305 forum.


Endowment of Life (L4)
Blessed Wind-> Cyclone Kick-> Void Hand
Instant Heal to defensive target (HP based on ranks of abilities and vitality)

Endowment of Mastery (L18)
3/01/09: Is not visible in buff window, but it is working.
Soul Cutter-> Void Hand-> Knife Hand
10% reduction to ability costs of group members for 1min

Endowment of Balance (L26)
Blooming Ridge Hand -> Knife Hand -> Cyclone Kick
Provides 1 Jin every 8 seconds, for 10 minutes.

Endowment of Enmity (L34)
Cyclone Kick -> Ra'Jin Flare
Increases your damage by 10% for 10 Minutes

If you do the abilities in the following sequence, Disc can cycle all endowments indefinately :

Soul Cutter*-> Void Hand-> Blooming Ridge Hand -> Knife Hand -> Blessed Wind-> Cyclone Kick-> Ra'Jin Flare**

Some notes:
Using leechs grasp helps pull off the long sequence above.
Counterattacks usually will not break the chain.
Clarity usually will not break the chain.
Healing will break the chain (lao-jin flare probably won't).
Using 2+ step finishers consecutively will break the chain. (Using one of the finishers while continuing with the next ability in a chain, then using the other finisher, completing the chain, will work)
*Soul Cutter can be skipped if Mastery is active (1 min dur)
**Ra'Jin Flare can be skipped if Enmity is active (10 min dur)

The other learned ability is from tanking mobs, each update will take 10-30 secs. of tanking the mob. That's the time it takes to receive an update towards learning the ability, not the time it takes to learn the actual ability.

The information here is from what I could scrounge up after an hour of researching the web. If any Disciples can amend this with accurate information, it would be appreciated.

Damage and energy returns listed vary according to buffs, weapon damage and crits.

Essence Thief I (L34)
Strikes at the essence of your opponent, dealing 1691 to 1781 damage and draining 1486 to 1566. (38 endurance cost)
Forsaken Templars, Forsaken Sorcerers in Vol Tuniel.
? ? ? in River Palace dungeon.

Essence Thief II (L42)
Strikes at the essence of your opponent, dealing 2129 to 2243 damage and draining 1872 to 1972 energy. (38 endurance cost)
Graystone Legionnaires, Graystone Houndmasters in Bernaid Hills. L40 3 dots.

Essence Thief III (L50):
Strikes at the essence of your opponent, dealing 2596 to 2734 damage and draining 2286 to 2408 energy.
Palace Templars inside Rahz Inkur. L52-53 6 dot.

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Disciple Learned Abilities
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