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 Helping your Tank

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PostSubject: Helping your Tank   Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:11 pm

This thread is for tanks to let other classes know what they can do to help them, and for other classes to let tanks know how they can help them. It's inspired by a recent "misunderstanding" Smile

The tanks job isn't to kill things. It's to make the opponent(s) so freakin angry at the tank that they don't consider attacking anyone else.

I'll start this thread off with a few obvious examples that probably everyone knows, but hopefully it'll get the ball rolling.

If you do get aggro - don't run. Tank's have "rescue" moves that will force an aggro switch back to them, if you run, the rescue move will miss.

Attack Formation
If you're tank is a Dreadknight, don't stand next to the tank or behind the opponent (unless you're a rogue). Instead, flank the opponent (i.e., attack from the side). This is because a DRK can do self-heals by teleporting behind the opponent and attacking. Oh, why the flank? It's not only easy for the DRK to see if he's lost aggro, but he has a wicked mean flank attack that would most likely get aggro back due to the extra damage.

Goading Slap
A monk skill that transfers hate to the tank. Not only is this good to keep the monk from getting aggro, but also everyone else in the party! It should be used as frequently as possible. (I've heard some monks use this at the start of a fight, can anyone confirms that actually works - seems you have to already have some aggro to "transfer" it).

Rest of the Weary
A great necromancer skill similar to Feign Death, it removes all hate when it works. Cast your dots and then cast this. Don't lay about either, it's instantaneous so get back up and back at it.

Siren's Kiss
A poison rogue's can coat their weapons with that provides a 20+% aggro reduction for them. Which is good, in stealth mode a rogues damage output rivals a casters. Out of stealth mode a visible rogue is a useless rogue.
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Helping your Tank
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