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 Pantheon Entrance Quest

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PostSubject: Pantheon Entrance Quest   Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:28 am

This is a work in progress... will update it with pictures, etc a bit later - but it's a quick down and dirty guide to help you get started in Pantheon!


The quest begins near the entrance to the "Old Pantheon" in Strand of the Ancients. Once you find that, you'll see a large tower with a beacon of light - at the base of that tower you'll find the NPC in question - she's the one beaming all that light upwards!!

The questline starts off with "Kain N Abled" a quest that requires you to collect 3 "sparks". To get these you have to kill the golem-type mobs (Titans) for the first one... the Gremlin-type mobs (Shapers & Menders) for the second and more golem types (Stone Movers) for the third. The mobs progress as you move up the hill. You'll need a full team with a tank and a healer for this - though you may think "Hey! They're only 3 dots!" you'll find out that they're more like 6 dots in both HP and DPS.

To make it a bit easier - once you know what you're doing it's best to have a summoner grab a flying mount to the locations where the mobs are and have your team summoned so you don't have to fight your way up each time.

A few tips - first of all be ready to strip enchantments and push stances. Also for the gremlin mobs warm up your "Deny Life" or "Litany of Enjoining" as they have a pretty powerful heal and if you get more than one they'll heal each other too - and oh yeah - most of the mobs in close proximity are linked.

Finally - be ready for "FURIOUS" - at about 20% health some mobs will go into furious mode and they'll have a huge damage shield - so everyone but the casters must stop attacking or you can easily wipe. Yes rangers, this includes arrows!

Once you've turned that in - you get the next quest from the NPC - and you'll need to kill the Sages that you saw as you were going up the hill - you MUST have levitation for these or they'll bounce you all over the place! Be careful as these go into FURIOUS mode too! (They're actually fairly easy if you don't get adds!)

The third part of the quest involves collecting pages from around the world of Telon - some involve fighting, some involve ingenuity and from what I've seen are actually fairly creative! I haven't finished this yet so I won't say anything other than when you have to kill a mob - pay attention to it's Pantheon enchantment... it makes all the difference!

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Pantheon Entrance Quest
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