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 Adding Crafting Catalysts

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PostSubject: Adding Crafting Catalysts   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:38 pm

Thanks to Looney at the Knights of 3305 for this helpful guide!

I have had this printed out for forever..... I just cant remember where on the web I found it.
So I have placed it here for quick and easy reference.

(T1 + T2) Attuning Dust
Dust Name/Attribute Used on T1 Item Prefix T2 Item Prefix
Constitution Ore, Slabs, Timber, Bales, Hide Drifter's Wayfarer's
Dexterity Ore, Slabs, Timber, Hide Brigand's Brute's
Intelligence Ore, Slabs, Timber, Bales, Hide Charlatan's Grifter's
Strength Ore, Slabs, Timber, Hide Sentry's Protector's
Vitality Ore, Slabs, Timber, Bales Votary's Fanatic's
Wisdom Ore, Slabs, Timber, Bales, Hide Mystic's Oracle's

(T3+T4) Attuning Powder
Powder NameUsed on Primary AttributeSecondary AttributeTier 3 Item PrefixTier 4 Item Prefix
AcumenOre,Slabs,Timber,Bales,Hide WisdomVitalityElder'sSage's
DeftnessOre,Slabs,Timber,Bales,Hide IntelligenceWisdomObserver'sPupil's
DiligenceOre,Slabs,Timber,Bales,Hide ConstitutionDexterityVandal'sVagrant's
RefinementOre, Slabs, Timber, Bales VitalityConstitutionDevotee'sAcolyte's
VigorOre, Slabs, Timber, Hide DexterityConstitutionRaider'sBandit's
VirtueOre, Slabs, Timber, Hide StrengthDexterityDefender'sGuardian's

(Tier 5) Attuning Crystals
Crystal NameUsed onPrimary AttributeSecondary AttributeTertiary AttributeTier 5 Item Prefix
BrawnOre, Slabs, Timber, Hide DexterityConstitutionStrengthPariah's
BrillianceOre, Slabs, Timber, Bales, Hide IntelligenceWisdomVitalityScholar's
ReverenceOre, Slabs, Timber, Bales VitalityConstitutionStrengthZealot's
VigilantOre, Slabs, Timber, Bales, Hide ConstitutionDexterityVitalityVagabond's
VenerationOre, Slabs, Timber, Hide StrengthDexterityVitalityCavalier's
VisionOre, Slabs, Timber, Bales, Hide WisdomVitalityConstitutionProphet's

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Adding Crafting Catalysts
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