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 Pantheon of the Ancients

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PostSubject: Pantheon of the Ancients   Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:25 pm

Want to see more? Check out the Forgotten Horde Website!

There are three paths you can take from the antechamber. South, East and West. There are six trials given by the avatars in the East and West wing. You can only do one trial at a time. When you have completed all six trials in the wing you can head to the upper floors and talk to the larger avatars for their buffs.

A Antechamber of the Pantheon
B Corridore of the Pure "Azaseh the Pures room"
C Tyrashnira's Layer "Tyrash's room"
D Tenebrous Vault
E Immortal Sanctum
F Vault of Radiance
East-wing (Tyrash side, Evil side) Avatars and Associated Trials:

a Essence of Haelifer
*The Maw of Tyranny
I believe this is the quest that spawns 3-4 waves of dragon/wyrm mobs. The very last one is a 5-dot level 28 or 29 named. Doable by less than a full group and can't remember many specifics of the encounter.

b Avatar of Sihari
*Kreshnikara, the Weaver of Storms
Starts a 5 min quest to kill "Kreshnikara" a sea serpent that spawns at the bottom of the alcove. It is a level 32, 5 dot.

c Avatar of Gahalnn
*Symphony of the Butcher
He sends you over to the East wing to avatar h Avatar of Vothdar . You have to collect 100 heads of the innocent. These are 1-dot level 6 mobs that spawn in waves of eight. Very easy quest.

d Avatar of Theindal
*Recession of Beauty
Travel to 'Good' side to the alcove of i "Avatar of Gloriann" and speak to her. She will laugh off Theindal's attack. Return to Theindal and speak to him. He will throw a hissy fit and summon three Creation of Theindal spirits to attack you (level 30 4 dots). Invis when speaking to Theindal will allow you to avoid his mobs.

e Avatar of Sarthelas
*The Hunt
Sends you to go find and slay Hoarn the minataur. Hoarn ( p on the map) pops almost directly above the avatar on the upper floor. You can find him roaming in a North/South direction along the Western wall towards the back half. He is a 5-dot level 29 or 30 unique mob. Push over for a full group.

f Avatar of Finch
*Found and Hidden Again
Go over to the 'good' side and enter the F Vault of Radiance at the back of the Corridor of the Pure. Reminder, the golem patrolls see invis so be careful. I marked the location of the sword with a q on our FH map at a deadend. When you get to the deadend you will see a birdbath looking thing. The sword is in a chest located on the ledge to the second level behind the bridbath. I stood on the bath and grabed the chest from the ground floor. When a person in your party loots the sword, it is added to the inventory of everyone in the party.
second lvl
n Avatar of Kaerellun
Complete the six 'evil' Avatar trials and speak to Kaerellun for her half of your cloak.
West-wing (Azaseh's room, good side)Avatars and Associated Trials:

g Avatar of Valus
*Maintain and Impartial Mind
Easily soloable once again. He sends you to either d Theindal's or e Sartholas's room. Hail the convicted mob (he shows as red but isn't aggro). You're done after that. Earns 2% at level 31.

h Avatar of Vothdar
*The Rescue
Easily soloable with invis. The mob needing rescue spawns near the avatar of c Avatar of Gahalnn's room. Only one party member needs to hail it and then it will follow like a pet. Invis back to Vothdar and you are done. Earns about 2% at level 32.

i Avatar of Gloriann
*By the Shieldmaiden
Probably the second toughest trial. You have to head over to the East wing to c Avatar of Gahalnn in order to get this scripted event running. There are 10 innocents that need your protection. We finished this with four people but our healer died on the last mob so numbers are key. Here's the set up. Everyone but the tank needs to be back by the avatar of Ghalnn but spread out to avoid overlapping ae's if a cc breaks. Have the tank hail one of the innocents to start the event. DPS the minions as quick as you can and continue to pull them. The second wave will pop before you will get a chance to kill the first wave that spawns after hailing. There is a third and fourth wave as well. It's best to kill the 3-dots first then the 4-dots as the hit points on the four dots is about double to triple that of the three dots. Provided the party completes the quest you get the update, as evidenced by Fzuoul's death and the fact that we still completed it. The quest reward is about 2% at level 33.

j Avatar of Vol Anari
*Righteous Flame
This trial was probably the second hardest one. You will need a group healer, if not two in order to complete. Essentially you are pounded by ae fire for two minutes. Fire resists, bard songs, etc. will be key. There is no mob to target in order to drain or counterspell. You have to live in order to complete this one. Healers I am sure could do this solo. You earn about 2% at level 31.

k Avatar of Vaelien
*Trial of the Strategist
This room of avatars has three insects in it. Talk to them once then talk to them again and you are done. You will be able to complete this quest immediately. This is an introduction of The Sisters encounter.

l Shade of Vol Tuniel
*Summoning of Vol Tuniel
The quest is easily soloable with invis and you will earn about 3% at level 31. Since we completed this quest they added invis detect mobs to the Pantheon.
found this
Head to the Antechamber of the Pantheon and hail Ini-herat the Attendant. Talk about the Shade of Vol Tuniel. Ini-herat will tell you you need to talk to Tashini. Ini-herat will give you some seeds to use to summon Tashini. Go to dried fountain in the centre of the Antechamber of the Pantheon and right-click the seeds in your inventory. Tashini (Chancellor of the Moon Goddess) will appear. Escort Tashini back to the Shade of Vol Tuniel. Tashini will use an area effect stun whenever she encounters a mob. This stun effects you. She will march out into the centre of the room causing a huge amount of trouble, and then (after a certain period of time) will teleport you to the Shade of Vol Tuniel. The best strategy for Tashini is to go as slow as possible. Kill everything you encounter very slowly, so that she teleports before you get knee-deep in mobs.
second lvl

m Shade of Maraj
Complete the six 'good' Avatar trials and speak to Moraj for the last half of the cloak.
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PostSubject: Re: Pantheon of the Ancients   Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:40 pm

Sorry Noah - Pantheon is undergoing a complete revamp - everything will change. It's going to become the "New APW" supposedly. Don't bother putting more info here as it's all going to be obselete in a few months or maybe sooner. Smile

Sorry, I should have posted that in here!
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Pantheon of the Ancients
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