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 Racial Mounts

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Udonn Thanii

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PostSubject: Racial Mounts   Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:25 am

Visit the related city-faction registrar and apply to work for their city. Doing this you'll be
handed out a Kamelott Inc.+diplo-necklace, which you have to equip in order to
loot socalled faction-coins. You do not need the ring to do this.

This should work at regular combat as long you

1) gain
xp for the kills AND

2) you equiped the necklace.

The coins will not be shown in the
loot-window, but directly appear in your inventory.
For the start you receive as well platin-coin for the faction you chosed. So far
known copper-, silver- and gold-coins stack to a kinda additional currency meant
to buy faction with.
The platin-coins come as lucky loot out of boss-mobs only and should be saved in
order to later buy the mount.

For the racial mount you'll need both:
+ a certain amount of faction points (rumors say 13k)
+ 50 platin-coins to buy the lvl 30 version of your racial mount
+ 100 platin-coins to buy the lvl 50 version of your racial mount

You even have access to several faction-necklaces, but you won't
get the 1 platin-coin again if you switch or add another city-faction


Raki: Ca'ial Brael: Gataro / Gataro Skulkers
Wood Elf: Ca'ial Brael: Vinewalker / Vinestriker
Goblin: Martok: Wolf Spider / Corrupt Wolf Spider
Orc: Martok: Okami / Warbread Okami
Kojani: Tanvu: Dire Lobster / Battle Lobster
Half Elf: Tanvu: Dragon Turtle / Battle Turtle
Dark Elf: Hathor Zhi: Widow / Blood Widow
Qaliathari: Khal: Beetle / Antlion
Mordebi: Khal: Xakrin Lynx / Xakrin Prowler
Kurashasa: Lomshir: Scorpion / Scorpion Hunter
Gnome: Mekalia: Cockatrice / Swordbeak
Dwarf: Bordinar's Cleft: Boar / Dire Boar
Vulmane: Dahknarg: Wolf / Dire Wolf
Varanjar: Halgarad: Nomadic Behemoth / War Behemoth
Lesser Giant: Halgarad: Rhino / Dire Rhino
High Elf: Leth Nurae: Cougar / Leopard/Panther
Halfling: Rindol Field: Ant Drone / Soldier Ant
Thestran: Tursh: Fox / Fox Hunter
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PostSubject: Re: Racial Mounts   Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:46 pm

Here is a side note about racial mounts.

Citizen faction: For level 30 you need 9K
For level 50 you need 18k

The faction you see when you turn in the coins is not the faction that you have.... it is the dynamic faction.... you need to know what your static faction is.... the only way to do this is to type /showfaction Fortunately the citizen faction you need is at the bottom of the list.... THAT faction needs to be correct.....

Warning don't trade in your gold coins for Plats. Use them for faction. Don't sell ANY coins till you have enough faction.... they become very scarce at high levels.
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PostSubject: Re: Racial Mounts   Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:53 pm

Another thing to note...

The level 30 mounts cost 50 platinum coins and the level 50 mount costs 150 coins.

If you purchase your level 30 mount, you get credit for the 50 coins toward upgrading to the level 50 mount. This means that if you already have the level 30 mount, you can get the level 50 mount for 100 platinum coins - so don't wait - grab your level 30 mount! I don't know if this carries over to the flying mounts. If somebody does know - please post! If you're saving up for a flying mount (450 platinum coins) then I suggest you bypass the other mounts for now as you may need to collect coins for each mount.

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PostSubject: Re: Racial Mounts   

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Racial Mounts
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