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 Kojani Crafting Quests

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PostSubject: Kojani Crafting Quests   Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:14 am

Tanvu Area

Quest: Swordsmith's Letter
NPC: Nujen Starsinger
Location: Tanvu, crafting area
Quest Level: Level 5
Task: Deliver a letter to Karenda Bluewine, on the southwestern dock of Dallerjuba Village, north across the bay from Tanvu
Reward: 3,500 Crafting Experience; +5 Tanvu Artisan Faction; 1 Silver

(Quest Details Verified 7-18-07)


Quest: The Swordsmith's Apprentice
Starting NPC: Karenda Bluewine
Prerequisite: Level 12, Must have completed "Swordsmith's Letter"
Location: Dallerjuba Village, north across from bay from Tanvu. Standing at the end of the westernmost dock.
Items Needed: 1 Nickel Ore, 1 Toughened Leather Strapping, 1 Imbalanced Large Hilt, 1 Carnelian Jewel
Tanvu Swordcrafter's Gloves
Crafting Hands
+9 Finesse
+16 Crafting Tool Use
Item Level: 18

+75 Tanvu Artisans Faction
+75 Kojani Artisans Faction
12,000 Crafting Experience
Note: Although Karenda says to find him in Tanvu with the materials, he really means to return to the same spot, which isn't technically in the city of Tanvu. This quest is a prerequisite to "The Swordsmith's Apprentice: Craftsmanship" under "Other Quests"

(Quest Details Verified 7-18-07)
(Quest Details Verified 11-18-07)


Quest: The Swordsmith's Apprentice: Craftsmanship
Starting NPC: Karenda Bluewine
Location: Dallerjuba Village, north across the bay from Tanvu, standing at the end of the westernmost dock
Prerequisite: Complete "The Swordsmith's Apprentice"
Leatherworkers: Scraggy Bundle
Blacksmiths: Nickle Ingot
Artificers: Thorn Board
Task: Craft a component for a sword and return it to Karenda.
Master Karenda's Band (Heroic)
Crafting Head
+10 Problem Solving
+6 Finesse
+12 Finishing Skills
+12 Crafting Station Use
+6 Crafting Tool Use
Activated Ability: Master Karenda's Focus (3 minute 12 point buff to problem solving and reasoning. It has a 10 minute refresh.)
Item Level: 20

+200 Tanvu Artisans' Faction
+250 Kojan Artisans' Faction
15,000 Crafting Experience

Temporary buff "Barbwood Talisman" (lasts one hour, gives +12 AC, +24 Hit Points, and Damage Shield 2)
Notes: Again, although the quest says to go to him in Tanvu when you are finished, you return to the same spot in the village. When you receive the recipe (at the moment) it says it is a refining recipe, but it is really under finishing recipes. Also, note that this quest requires a rare item:

(Quest Details Verified 7-18-07)
(Quest Details Verified 11-18-07)


Martok Area

Quest: Lost Kef
Starting NPC: Mutokash
Location: Martok
Quest Level: Level 5
Objective: Find Kef Jortul somewhere in the outskirts of Martok. Mutokash only knows that he is somewhere in the area, possibly at Gaxton Village, doing some building repair. As you enter the town he's on the right side behind a building. /target Kef picks him up easily.
Reward: 4,000 crafting xp, 100 adventuring xp, +5 Martok Artisan Faction; 2 Silver 50 Copper,

(Quest Details Verified 7-19-07)

Quest: Korgan's Project
Starting NPC: Korgan
Location: Martok
Items Needed: 2 Weakened Wood Boards, 1 Barbed Wood Board, 2 Copper Ingots, 1 Ratty Bundle
Reward: Orcish Workers Bandana Lv. 10 head, +6 Problem Solving;
50 copper
+75 Martok Artisans faction
+75 Kojan Artisans faction,
9,000 Crafting Experience (@ level 15)

(Quest Details Verified 8-19-07)


Tawar Galan / Ca'ial Brael Area

Quest: The Artist's Supplies
Starting NPC: Layel Winroa (Ca'ial Brael Artist)
Location: Tawar Galan, inside the crafting area (on the beach, under a tree, a bit north of the teleporter)
Quest Level: Level 12
Items Needed: 3 Basalt Slabs, 2 Slate stone blocks, 1 Marquise Cut Quartz Gem
Sharktooth Chisel +2 Finesse and +5 Tool Effectiveness
Merchant's Shirt +11 Problem Solving and +33 Crafting Utility Use
1 silver
+50 Kojan Artisans faction
+1 Ca'ial Brael faction
+1 Tawar Galan - Foreign Visitation Area faction
+50 Ca'ial Brael Artisans
10,000 Crafting Experience (@ level 15)

Note: The jewelry must be attuned with Resistance, not with Attribute!

(Quest Details Verified 11-20-07)


Quest: Fiend Hunter's Gear
Starting NPC: Kanni
Quest Level: 8
Location: Ca'ial Brael, crafting platform
Task: To repair equipment given to you by the NPC (chest armor and a weapon) The items to be repaired required Grade A.
Reward: Fiend Hunter's Apron (Rare): lv. 10 Apron, +2 Ingenuity, +2 Reasoning, +5 Crafting Utility Use;
+75 Ca'ial Brael Artisan Faction
+125 Kojani Artisan Faction
50 Copper
12,000 Crafting Experience

(Quest Details Verified 7-18-07)


Quest: Legendary Fiend Hunter's Weapon
Starting NPC: Kanni
Location: Ca'ial Brael, crafting platform
Prerequisite: Crafting Level 21, Must have completed "Fiend Hunter's Gear"
Task: Find Kanni in the Wailing Wind Asylum and speak with her. Search for the Rakhane, a legendary polearm, on the skeletons in the area. (I found it on one near Kanni, on the edge near the cliff. Not sure if the location changes.) Speak with Kanni again and return to a crafting station to repair the weapon, returning it to Kanni in Ca'ial Brael when you are finished.
Rewards: (Choice of)
- Fiend Hunter's Hammer: +5 Armor Smithing, +5 Weapon Smithing, +16 Tool Effectiveness, Activated Ability: Fiend Hunter's Craftsmanship, level 20
- Fiend Hunter's Knife: +5 Tailoring, +5 Leatherworking, +16 Tool Effectiveness, Activated Ability: Fiend Hunter's Craftsmanship, level 20
- Fiend Hunter's Saw: +5 Mineralogy, +5 Carpentry, +16 Tool Effectiveness, Activated Ability: Fiend Hunter's Craftsmanship, level 20
Activated ability increases Finesse by +5 for 10 minutes
Reward includes:
+100 Ca'ael Brael Artisan Faction
+250 Kojan Artisan Faction
2 Silver, 50 Copper
30,000 Crafting Experience
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Kojani Crafting Quests
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