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 APW Keying /Attunement

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PostSubject: APW Keying /Attunement   Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:56 pm

In order to curb the problem of the initial "rush" into APW, SOE felt it necessary to give us an entrance quest. You will find this quest in the chunk called Innovus now from a gnome who is standing in between the two double doors.

•Accessing the Ancient Port Warehouse

•You are looking for the Wandering Fungal Lord in either Jharru Flats (Qalia), Sundering Wastelands (Kojan) or Forest Heart (Thestra) - The easist of the 3 is in Kojan where if you wait long enough the Fungal Lord will path right up to the riftway there. (Updated 1-09)

This is a raid quest - you will need a raid of at least 12 well-equipped people to take down the Fungal Lord, more is better!

*** Important! *** Do not attack him before you use the fungal sedative to make him "red!" This can cause him to become bugged!

When you find him, and have your raid ready, then use the fungal sedative (right click it in inventory with the Fungal Lord targeted) on the Fungal Lord to turn him into Fumobeso. If you're not the tankie type make sure you've got somebody around to take aggro immediately or he *will* squish you! If you fail to kill him and he wipes your raid, fear not for he will reset - you just have to go find him again.

After defeating him and turning in the quest you the ring appropriate to your class and a mechanical key. Click on the doors to select the shard of APW you would like to play in and off you go - welcome to Vanguard raiding!
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PostSubject: Re: APW Keying /Attunement   Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:11 pm

Updated the original post a bit - they've since changed the location of the spawns - and added a few more tidbits. Smile

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APW Keying /Attunement
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