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 Entrance Wing

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PostSubject: Entrance Wing   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:00 pm


•A Library/Cartheon Wing
•B Marina Wing
•C Vault Wing
•A Entrance Portal
•B Storehouse Portal
•C Hub Portal
•D Crystal Control Node
•a Malfucntioning X77
•b Guardian R5
•c Enraged X83
•d Deadeye NPC (Missing in Action Quest Gnome)
•e General Vicus
•f Archon Travix
•g Shadowsoul
•h Akym the Assassin
•i Zaraax
•j Quest NPCs
•k APW Main Altar

The questgiver for the entrance quests is very near to the harvesting tool vendor. Gives five quests to begin with and they are as follows:

Enter the Warehouse

Mission: Slay Archon Travix

Mission: Slay Enrage X-83

Mission: Slay General Vicus

Mission: Slay Malfuctioning X-77

Named NPCs

Basic formula is this: if it is a lockout named in the entrance wing, you are guaranteed a Reinforcements Mold and one other piece of loot. Sometimes they will drop an additional spell and/or crafting drop. We have never seen a non-lockout named drop a mold. They do drop ores, but not molds.

a. Malfunctioning X-77

◦Hoptoninan Reinforcements Mold
◦Helm of Implosion
◦Surging Vambraces
◦Ring of Inhibition
◦X77 Shoulder Plates
b. Guardian R5

◦Crafting Toolbelt
◦R5 Pauldrons
◦Sorcerer Diamond
◦Reinforced Warehouse Boots
◦Crafting Scraper
c. Enraged X-83

◦Hoptoninan Reinforcements Mold
◦Damaged Crystal of Soothing
◦Metallic Helm of Aggression
◦Green Dragonscale Breastplate Recipe
◦Radiant Pauldrons
◦Shining Silk Bracers
e. General Vicus

◦Hoptoninan Reinforcements Mold
◦Vicus's Bangles of Loyalty
◦Leggins of the Undying Wish
◦Spear of Devotion
f. Archon Travix

◦Hoptoninan Reinforcements Mold
◦Gloves of the 12th Legion Surgeon
◦Earring of the 12th Legion
◦Legion's Choking Grasp
◦Drape of Coalition
g. Shadowsoul

◦Warehouse Measuring Stick
◦Shadowsoul Tunic
◦Belt of the Shadowdrinker
◦Warehouse Calipers
h. Akym the Assassin

◦Plated Gloves of Dueling
◦Akym's Dagger
◦Warehouse Stoker
◦Belt of the Assassin
◦Port Warehouse Utility Pouch
◦Akym's Ring of Healing
◦Warehouse Stirring Rod
i. Zaraax

◦Hoptonian Boot Mold
◦Hoptonian Helm Mold
◦Leeching Tooth of Zaraax
◦Worked Juggernaught Scapula Pauldrons
◦Ligament Stitched Cloak
•Necropsy Rare:
◦The Drape of Zaraax
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Entrance Wing
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