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 Cartheon Wing (Library)

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PostSubject: Cartheon Wing (Library)   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:02 pm


•A Storehouse Wing/Gnome City
•B Vault Wing
•A Hub Portal
•B Nexas Portal ( Summons work in this room)
•C The Great Hanger
•a. Izemgeli the Lorekeeper
•b. Bookkeeper
•c. Lorekeeper
•d. Blink NPC (Missing in Action Quest Gnome)
•e. Varimurus the Subjugator
•f. Gnome Quest NPC
•g. Palpenipe the Mastermind
•h. Summoning Quest NPC
•i. Athriss Essal
•j. Professor Odwal (Diplo Gnome)
•k. Dread Lord Malazath
•l. Sky Pirate Weaponmaster
•m. Admiral Chrykalis
•n. Senator Demetrius

Wing Bosses

a. Izemgeli the Lorekeeper

◦Plated Boots of Izemgeli
◦Izemgeli's Ring
◦Baggy Pantaloons of Lore
Vahsren the Librarian

◦Hoptonian Bracer Mold
◦Hoptonian Belt Mold
◦Shoulderguards of the Dedicated
◦Underlay of Mantis
◦Mask of Maniacal Frenzy
◦Helm of Lore
e. Varimurus the Subjugator

◦Boots of Varimurus
◦Bracers of the Subjugator
g. Palpenipe the Mastermind

◦Hoptonian Belt Mold
◦Hoptonian Bracer Mold
◦The Freezing Touch
◦Palpenipe's Rod of Enchanting
◦Palpenipe's Hammer of Numbing
i. Athriss Essal

◦Hoptonian Belt Mold
◦Hoptonian Bracer Mold
◦Essal's Cloak of Warding
◦Athriss's Dagger of Betrayal
◦Fevered Pauldrons of Ambition
k. Dread Lord Malazath

◦Hoptonian Boot Mold
◦Hoptonian Helm Mold
◦Circlet of the Cartheon General
•Harvests Into:
◦Esorcelled Armor Scraps
l. Sky Pirate Weaponmaster

◦Sky Pirate's Reinforcements
◦Weaponmaster's Knuckles of Displeasure
m. Admiral Chrykalis

◦Hoptonian Helm Mold
◦Hoptonian Gloves Mold
◦Chrykalis' Chromatic Cloak
n. Senator Demetrius

◦Core Instruction Manual x4
◦Hoptonian Boot Mold
◦Hoptonian Helm Mold
◦Pendant of the Betrayar
◦Demetrius' Bone Earring
◦Earring of Sacrifice
•Harvests Into:
◦Measure of the Necromancer's Skin
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Cartheon Wing (Library)
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