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 Gnome City

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PostSubject: Gnome City   Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:07 pm


1: Sanctuary Crystal Control Node (Can be summoned from and to)
2: Altar
a: Quest NPCs' and Crafting Stations
b: Vermilion
c: Quest NPC Captain Nori "Missing in Action"
U: Elevator up to D2 (FH Map)
Release teh gnome!

The gnome city is Southeast of the "Hub" portal. Here you will find the bulk of the raid quests, the diplomacy are as well as the craftig instructor and crafting stations.

Provided your summoner is at spot 1 on the map (the purple text will pop up on your screen) you can call people to that spot from the enntrance or any rift.

APW Diplomacy

APW Crafting


Missing in Action
Armor Molds:
◦Hoptonian Molds - Heavy
◦Hoptonian Molds - Medium
◦Hoptonian Molds - Cloth
The Core
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Gnome City
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