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 Leveling 1-50

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PostSubject: Leveling 1-50   Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:49 pm

Levels 1-10: Should be done in your default starting areas. Getting to level 10 in these areas is a cake walk for the most part. Some people will rush right through with all the quests and be ready to leave by level 8, but I would suggest at least hitting level 10. Its a solid level with a lot of skills and allows you to leave somewhat more prepared then a level 8 might be. This is even more important if youre new to the game or the class. Spend a little extra time grinding a few mobs here or there and you will be level 10 by the itme youre ready to leave.

Levels 11-16: Needs some work. I will leave this to you guys listing things, and I will add stuff as I explore a bit to find some good quest hubs and other good little grind spots.

Levels 17-20: I spent this time throughout the islands in the tauthien delta (East of Khal). There are a lot of quests in this area, and also the southern portion of this chunk, from the many bunkers here. This doesnt apply to dark elves right off, but you can easily grind nearby mobs for the faction. I espeically enjoyed the large island in the NE of the delta area. The shores are surrounded by level 18ish 3 dot turtles. They have no social aggro and you can just fear / dot them and let them run away and back to you with no worry. There are also no pats here. Just move in a large circle and you should be fine.

Levels 20-22: When I did this, it was prior to the 38% nerf to 3 dot experience, but I found that the cyclops mobs to the W of the upside garrison in the same chunk were great expeience. You can pick up a few quests for these guys at the upside garrison and you can kill these cyclops without much worry of adds. You can pull every single one of them solo. Pull them out into the field and just fear kite them about. Keep your head up for repops, but there are only 3 or 4, 1 on each side and 1 or 2 in the middle.

Levels 23-25 could use something better. I did it in the shrine of flame, but it was real buggy and the mobs I grinded on have been significantly changed.

Levels 26-28: I really enjoyed the ruins of trengal keep. I fought along the E and S sides of the castle and simply pulled the mobs starting at one end, moved around the castle, and evac?d out once done so I didnt catch some weird add due to repops. The 4 dot spiders can drop a really nice cloak also. You will want your perception to be maxxed here as there are invisibile mobs, but it skills up rather swiftly, and once its maxxed you really shouldnt have a worry about adds. Watch the dogs because they are pretty darn fast and come in pairs. The one negative about this area is that I never found a repair merchant really close, but there just has to be one around there.

Levels 29-32: I would suggest you go to river valley. The quests are insane in number and rewards. Personally, I did zossyr hakrel. I really liked this zone. Plenty of 2 dot 30s and 3 dot 30s to mess with. Fair amount of quests with some niftly rewards. Overall, this might be the zone to hit for a couple levels in this range, because looking back I wish more then anything I had hit up river valley sooner.

Levels 33-34: I spent this time in the zone to the west of zossyr. Karrus Hakrel is a fun little zone. I basically just ran around the zone killing everything I saw. Be it 2 dots or 3 dots, you can kill it. There are a few named to the top of this zone, in what look like large holes with white mushrooms, just dont jump down there, take the path. You could also spend some time in river valley at these levels. The grind experience might not be great, but if you missed the quests earlier, do them now.

Levels 35-37: Now it gets into zones I really had fun with. Bernaid Hills is a chunk to the NW of southwatch in thestra. Once in the chunk, evac. From the safe spot there is an outpost about 4 min to the east and a group of houses to the west. You can see the houses from the evac point. Around these houses are an absolute TON of undead 2 dot mobs around lvl 36 37ish. This is great grinding. You can pull 1, dot him up, fear him and let your pets take care of him while you move on to the next. Nothing here added when I did it, it was fantastic experience.

Levels 38-39: Dragons Backbone is located on the far west coast of qalia. As soon as you zone into the chunk from the N you can see your outpost. Nice little place to repair and sell. Once here just follow the coast and the first set of ruins is where I would grind. There are islands off the coast and more ruins further south, but really the first one is the best; its layout is just far more suitable for a necromancer. Here you will find lvl 38ish 3 dot and 38/39 2 dot snakes. Watch the respawn on the mobs as they dont respawn one by one, but instead they spawn as one group. This is absolutely excellent experience, BUT watch out for adds. Don?t go fearing your fish into other fish. The only issue I have with this area is the fish stun. It can be annoying, but they dont hit hard enough for it to be a danger unless you get overwhelemed.

Levels 40-42: Razad is great, its just great. This is south of khal, just follow the river and its on your east side about 3/4 of the way down the map. Once in the chunk just fight along the river and follow it until you can see sand on your left. Once you can see sand youve gone as far as you want to. In the sand near the large cave you come to, is a merchant camp where you can repair and sell. Just grind on the lvl 42ish 2 dots. There are tons of them here. It is great experience and really safe. You are in the wide open, and any adds you get are almost pure melee, so you will welcome adds more often then not.

Levels 43-45: Next, head to New Targanor. Follow the shore around to the south and between the island. You will come to an outcropping between another island about 8 - 10 min down the coast. There will be a large building on a hill surrounded by undead. It is called Fleshrender Pike. This place is a GODSEND. There is a named who spawns at the top and drops a nice LA yellow helm. You can easily stay here until you hit 46. Now the last level will be slow, but you can kill so quickly if you focus you can make a lot of experience, but if you wish to leave when you ding 45, the next area works too.

Levels 46-48: Recall and port back to New Targanor. Again head south, but this time that first zone you come to is where you are grinding. All along the coast and up a ways in the hills are all kinds of level 46/47 3 dot mobs. Nothing adds here which is fabulous. Just run in a large looping circle and do your thing. The cool thing about this area is you can either recall or evac and repair and boom youre right back here in minutes.

Levels 48-50: The home stretch and the most fun for sure. Sands of Sorrow is a chunk to the E of razad. Here you will see 5 portals in a large circle (ok it isnt a circle more of a circle with a weird half X on one side). Anyway, in each of these circles is a lvl 49/50 4 dot named. They all drop great yellow loot. One thing though…none of the gear is for you. The LA is a Sorc?s dream though. GG fire based SDF. Once here, you can either gind on 2 or 3 dots. I chose 2 dots because I had more corpses to necropsy and because the damage shields some of the mobs use kill your minions ASAP. Having more corpses means easy access to minions all day and night. If you want to mess with the named also, have fun. Its a nice break form the grind. Between the bird portal and dog portal (referring to named) there is a camp. Have fun and repair here and sell. If you happen to need to use a mailbox, the outpost of Afrit to the W (another chunk) has a mailbox.
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Leveling 1-50
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