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 Leveling 11-20

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PostSubject: Leveling 11-20   Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:57 pm

I. Levels 11-12
At level 12 you will receive upgrades to Hammer of Valus and Smite . This may note seem like much but the increase in damage output is really helpful. At this point, Smite II is good to spell pull with as it also increases hatred for you.

Hammer of Valus II - Crushes you target dealing 350% damage plus 67-75. Deals an additional 32-38 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.

Smite II - Deals 127-137 damage and instills your opponent with 131-141 hatred of you.

II. Levels 13-14
At level 14 you come into your own as a holy warrior. This is when you really begin to have more of a bite to your damage, options for your role in the fight as well as the targeted damage to the undead. This is a really fun level for abilities.

Aegis Strike II - Smashes your shield into the target inflicting 56 to 62 damage

Entwine I - Rescues your defensive target from an incoming attack, causing the offender to target you for two attacks and heals your ally. If you use a rescue when you are below 20% health you gain a virtue point.

Guardianís Assault I - Deals 76-84 damage and greatly increases your opponentís hatred of you by 105-115. If the target has an armor chink its mitigation is reduced by 10%.

Healing Touch II - This spell allows you to heal your target or yourself for 555 points.

Judgment of the Envious - The punishment metes out to the envious. Your target is blinded for 30 seconds, reducing its accuracy and movement by 70%. The blindness wears off if the target is hit. Only one judgment may be active on a target.

Sunburst - Scorches all undead opponents within 15m for 318-338 damage and blinds them, reducing accuracy and movement by 70% for 20 seconds or 1 hit.

Vothdarís Mighty Strike - Deals normal damage to your opponent, and increases the strength of your group by 22 for 5 minutes.

III. Levels 15- 16
Level 15 sees one of the most welcomed spell upgrades. Lay on Hands II will take your ability from 320 points healed, to 1179! The mobs youíve been fighting up to now have surely been pushing the limits of your heals and Lay on Hands for several levels now. The first time you use this, I am sure your smile will be as bright as mine was! As for level 16, more upgrades and a new Blessing !

Blessing of Gloriannís Protection I -Blesses your target with increased armor class and fire, cold and spiritual resistance. Only one blessing can be active on a target.

Blessing of Vothdar II - Blesses your target with 12 strength

Boon of Valus II - Allows you the chance to deal additional damage with every melee attack. You cannot have more than one boon affecting your weapons.

Championís Might II ®C Deals 62 to 70 damage to your target and increases your strength by 24 for 5 minutes.

Holy Strike III - Deals normal damage plus 32. An additional 53-59 damage is dealt to undead and fiends.

IV. Levels 17 -18
Level 18 is very exciting as you learn four new abilities. One is a lovely group heal that easily lends a hand to your group healer. Another is my favorite! Itís the Maul of Valus . This is the first real chain maneuver that you receive. It will activate after Hammer of Valus and deals a lot of extra damage.

Courage II - This spell increases your maximum hit points by 138 and armor class by 207.

Cry of Solace I - This war cry provides 412 health to you and your allies.

Judgment of the Proud I - The punishment metes out to the proud. It reduces your opponentís strength by 49. Only one judgment may be active on a target.

Maul of Valus I - Smashes your target dealing 350% weapon damage plus 96-104. Deals an additional 47-53 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target. This is only available after performing Hammer of Valus.

Sentinelís Blessing I - Strikes your target for 47-53 damage and surrounds you with a shield that increases your armor class by 86 for 40 seconds.

Upbraid II - Instills your opponent with 126-136 hate towards you.

V. Levels 19- 20
This set of levels will see you pulling your hair out unless you take advantage of the extra hotbars available in the UI! No one can say that this is an easy class to play with the many choices we have in how we react to combat situations. Blessings, rescues, finishing chains, heals, and more add up to a very deep and wonderful class. My suggestion is to take these two levels a bit slowly so you can get used to all of your abilities. Level 20 sees three new abilities and six upgrades.

Dictum of Valus II - Blasts your target with spiritual energy, causing 694-734 damage.

Hammer of Judgment III - Smashes you target for 150% damage plus 55-61. Deals an additional 55-61 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.

Hammer of Valus III - Crushes you target dealing 350% damage plus 106-116. Deals an additional 52-58 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.

Judgment of the Impure II - The punishment metes out to the impure. Your target takes 369-393 damage over 21 seconds as they are purified by fire. Only one judgment may be active on a target.

Marshalling Cry II - This war cry emboldens you and your allies, increasing damage by 88 and accuracy by 35% for 10 seconds.

Paragon of Justice I - Valus grants you a portion of her power, making you a mighty paragon of justice. You gain 44 strength, dexterity, constitution and vitality as well as 60% additional accuracy and 30% additional damage.

Protectorís Fury II - Deals 300% weapon damage plus 111-121 and forces the attacker of your defensive target to attack you instead. If you use a rescue when you are below 20% health you gain a virtue point.

Retort I - Counterattack, lashing out and surrounding yourself with a barrier that lowers the damage of the next 3 incoming attacks by 25%. This can only be used after a block.

Stroke of Conviction I - A resolute stroke that deals 200% weapon damage and adds 740-782 hate over 30 seconds.

VI. Soloing
Soloing as a Paladin is fairly easy between levels 11-20. I am able to take on 3 dots mobs that are two to three levels above me with careful pulling and an eye on my health bar. The higher in the levels the more careful you need to be it seems, but it can still be done.

When alone, I try to find a secure spot that I can pull the mobs to that will allow me to fight a lengthy fight with low risk of a wandering friend feeling the need to help my target bash me into the ground. Once this is done, I almost always use the Smite line to spell pull. From there on out its all a matter of choice on how you best fight.

I prefer to take advantage of the shield abilities and a long sword. This finds me using more of the abilities and less of the spells like the Judgment line. You just need to find what works best for you.

VII. Grouping
You have more than your sword and shield to offer your group. You have a few buffs that can be offered right away, and more when combat begins in the form of rescues and war cries that benefit the whole group. Donít forget to use those war cries; they help a lot.

Heals are something that you will need to ask your group about, but itís always nice to offer your services as a back up to the healer. If youíre saving up your virtue points, you can offer a Lay on Hands in a bind if needed. Donít forget after level 18 you have your group heal, Cry of Solace I as well.

As a defensive fighter, you will need to select a member of your group as your defensive target. This will be the person your rescues will affect. Some groups will want you to pick a caster for this. Others will as you to pick the healer. Just remember that your abilities wonít work if you donít have someone chosen.

My biggest word of advice on grouping is to remember that communication is key. Know where your party is and remember that youíre a defensive fighter. That means itís your job to bleed to protect them. You have the aid of the gods to help you in this noble task.
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Leveling 11-20
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