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 Item Deconstruction

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PostSubject: Item Deconstruction   Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:58 pm

Starting at level 11 you will be able to deconstruct dropped/looted items for dusts or materials. Each tier has its own deconstruction recipe. When done with the deconstruction recipe you will get ¡°xxxx parts¡± (for example: ¡°weapon parts¡± or ¡°armor parts¡± etc.) that is a clickable object. When you right click on that item you will have various amounts of dusts or resources, as well as orbs/spheres added to your inventory. If you already have some of those items, the new items will stack with the ones you had, if not they’ll go in an empty inventory slot. You can watch your text window to see what you get a bit easier.

You must get to A quality or you will get ¡°broken parts¡± which are worthless and vendor trash. Getting to 100% quality will give better results in most cases. It’s not guaranteed to give you more than if you only got to 90% but you have a better chance of getting better stuff. In general, for 100% you get multiple dusts, where as under 100% you tend to only get 1 dust. For resources you always get between 10 chunks/logs/shards and 2 full resources, with 100% decons giving you a slightly better return rate.

When you deconstruct an item, your results will be from a tier of the lowest of either the items level or the recipes tier to determine what you get from the decon. For example if you use the Amateur deconstruction recipe to deconstruct a level 35 item you will get the Amateur (Tier 2) reward and not an Initiate (Tier 4) reward. This works in reverse as well. For example, if you use an Apprentice deconstruction recipe on a level 11 item you will get the Amateur (Tier 2) reward and not the Apprentice (Tier 3) reward. For best results you should use the deconstruction recipe that is for the same tier as the item you are deconstructing. If you want, you can deconstruct higher items than the decon recipe you have, but you will not get the higher tier items. If you had a level 45 (Tier 5) green item, you can deconstruct it using Tier 3 decon recipe to get Tier 3 dusts. This can be handy if you can find cheap higher items, or are a higher adventure that gets these drops. You can always use a higher level item for a lower level decon if you want, but you will only get the lower level results. Using a higher level decon on a lower level item will only make you do more work, you will still get the lower level items.

Item rarity and deconstruction
White (Mundane) - can not be deconstructed.
Green (Common) - can be deconstructed for Blue (Uncommon) attuning dusts or common materials.
Blue (Uncommon) - can be deconstructed for Blue (Uncommon) resonating dusts, Rare (Yellow) resonating dusts [% chance], or common materials, rare materials [% chance].
Yellow (Rare) - can be deconstructed for Rare (Yellow) dusts, Heroic (Orange) dusts [% chance], or rare materials.
Orange (Heroic) - can not be deconstructed.
Red (Legendary) - can not be deconstructed.

What level items should I get for a certain tier deconstruction?
Item Level 11-20 - T2 (Amateur)
Item Level 21-30 - T3 (Apprentice)
Item Level 31-40 - T4 (Initiate)
Item Level 41+ - T5 (Journeyman)

Special Case Items which can not be deconstructed
Items under level 11 - Items under level 11, whether dropped, looted, quested, or crafted can not be deconstructed.
Crafted items - Crafted items can not be deconstructed.
Infineum items - Infineum items can not be deconstructed.

What should I decon for what?
Green (Common)
Dusts option : This will give you Attuning dusts/powders that you need to add base stats to your items.
Resource option : Normal resources, it’s not worth it.

Blue (Uncommon)
Dusts option : This will give you Resonating dusts/powders that you need to add effects/modifiers to your items.
Resource option : Normal resources, it’s not worth it.

Yellow (Rare) - Yellow (Rare) items are good for both dusts and materials.
Dusts option : This will give you Rare and Heroic Resonating and Focusing dusts that you need to add effects/modifiers to your items.
Resource option : They also always drop rare resources when deconed for resources, with a very small chance to get Ultra rare resources.

What classes can deconstruct what items?
Leatherworker - Medium armor
Tailor - Light armor
Armorsmith - Heavy armor, Shields, Parry daggers
Weaponsmith - Metal weapons (swords, axes, hammers, rods (wands), claws, martial blades, bladed staffs)
Carpenter - Wood weapons, Bows/Crossbows
Mineralogist - Jewelry, Focuses
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Item Deconstruction
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