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 Dealing with Tombstones and Corpses

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PostSubject: Dealing with Tombstones and Corpses   Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:59 pm

There are a few different ways to deal with a dead, broken body in Vanguard:


A healer of the appropriate level can resurrect your corpse on the spot. Youíll arise with your gear equipped. Healers of certain levels can resurrect you during combat if necessary, but often youíll need to wait until a battle is over before you rise from the dead. When a healer casts a resurrection spell on you, you will receive a message alerting you and asking you to accept. Accept and youíll be back on your feet in no time.

Tombstone Dragging

If it turns out that your corpse is in an inconvenient location you can release from your body and leave a tombstone, then one of your groupmates can drag the tombstone somewhere safe. (Corpses cannot be dragged; only tombstones.) But before a groupmate can drag your tombstone, youíll need to grant them consent. This is done by typing /consent Playername. (Spelling counts!)

How do you drag a tombstone if another player has consented you? Simply target the tombstone and type /corpse to summon it to your side from a short distance away. If youíre going to haul a tombstone over a distance (out of the depths of a dungeon, for example) youíll want to create a /corpse macro and hotkey so that you can spam it as you run, pulling the tombstone behind you.

Throw me a Line!

The /rope command allows another player to throw you a rope and get your corpse out of a tight spot. Itís really more of a one-shot deal for use if your corpse is stuck in the terrain or needs to be dragged a very short distance. Your friend will need to target your body, and then type /rope. Like a resurrection, youíll get a message asking if you want to accept the rope. (This is why you wonít want to use rope over long distances; you need to accept with each rope toss.) Accepting will make your corpse move to the rope-tosserís location.

When All Else Fails

If you simply canít reach your tombstone and you have no one to help you recover it, you can summon it to an altar. Simply right click the altar to pop up the recovery dialog. Be warned that your gear will take a durability hit, and your experience will take a bigger hit, too. Summoning your tombstone to an altar is a last-ditch remedy
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Dealing with Tombstones and Corpses
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