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 Knights of 3305

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PostSubject: Knights of 3305   Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:20 am

Guild Name: Knights of 3305
Member Count: 130 Unique Members!
Server: Seradon
Guild Type: Casual Raid
Guild Leader(s): Zedar, Looney, Aahzmandous
Guild Hall: Of course!
Website: http://www.3305local.com
Recruiting: Yes

The Knights of 3305 are looking for some more mature, friendly folks to become a part of our great family! We are always looking for some new friends so that we may continue our fight against the evil creatures of Telon!

Casual Raiders are especially needed!

From the Ground Up!

Looking for a great guild?? You've found it!

A bit about us:

    * Over 100 active members, not too big but enough to ensure you'll have company on whenever you play!
    * We are not a "raiding" guild, but we have begun raiding on a weekly basis!
    * There are lots of opportunities for teaming and questing!
    * An active event schedule, and our members are free to schedule their own events.
    * We have a huge guildhall with all the buffs, and most items we store are ffa for everyone to use and share.
    * There are no rules or requirements except that you treat others as you would be treated.
    * Great, active forum and website along with member email.
    * Ventrilo server with a backup Teamspeak server just in case.
    * We are a part of 3305 Local, a multi-game guild that just celebrated it's 7th Anniversary!
    * You wont find a more helpful, mature and welcoming community!
    * Easy application process - it only takes about 2 minutes online at www.3305local.com

For any questions, comments or if you just want to chat you can email me ingame (Zedar) or send me a /tell! If you've applied and are looking for an invite just use the ingame tool on the social window "Guild" tab - Find us on the list and you'll see what recruiters are online.

We look forward to meeting some new folks!
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Knights of 3305
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