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 Crafting Macros

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PostSubject: Crafting Macros   Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:56 pm

/refineadditem command

This is the most useful command I've used. Basically, it allows you to set up your crafting table with your utilities automatically -- no more scrolling through that annoying list to select the utilities you need!


Create a blank macro and give it a name and icon (or use text-only) and then add the items you want set on the table.

for example:

/refineadditem "Solvent"
/refineadditem "Cleaner"
/refineadditem "Emery"
/refineadditem "Bandages"
/refineadditem "Adhesive"

This will add all 5 of the items to your table with one click! Slick!

You may need multiple macros with this command, as some recipes use different utilities depending on your level. I have 4 of these atm. Some of my recipes use solvent as a main utility, some use cleaner and others use cleaner and emery or solvent and emery, so I created 4 separate macros so I'm ready for anything.

Note that /refineadditem works for both refining and finishing, there is no /finishingadditem command.


Next is the /refinesetrecipe command, it selects the recipe from the list with a quick click so you don't have to scroll through the long list.

Use: /refinesetrecipe "Exact name of recipe"

example: /refinesetrecipe "Thestran Limestone Brick"
This comes in handy when you're making bricks and/or planks, etc. Anything that you need to make a large quantity of.


Update: 6-15

Okay, been a bit slow updating this but here's how the rest work!

/craftingselectaction X

This is where you select the action that you are on. (main icons on the table.)

/craftingselectstep X

After you've selected the action, you need to select the step you'll be using.

So, with those you can create macros for each step of crafting -- I use these when I'm making a large volume of items, such as bricks or panels as the recipe doesn't change. I also modify them when I'm doing batch's just to speed things up a little.

I have 7 macro's set up (1 for each step) that I use.


Macro 1: (Selecting material)
/craftingselectaction 1 (Selects the first action)
/craftingselectstep 3 (Selects the third item from the left -- in this case 5 bricks)

Macro 2:
/craftingselectaction 2
/craftingselectstep 6 (chooses the +quality/low progress action)

Macro 3:
/craftingselectaction 3
/craftingselectstep 3 (chooses the hiqh progress/+quality action)

So on and so forth for each step in the recipe... I'll get some screenies when i can to liven this up a bit. There are also a couple other ways you can use these, but this is by far the most efficient method I've found.
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Crafting Macros
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