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PostSubject: Harvesting   Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:29 am


Harvesting forms a fourth, simple sphere. Characters have a general harvest skill, which controls how well one can help others with their harvest, and can choose two out of five harvest types they want to specialize in, out of the pool of Mining Metal Ore, Quarrying Stone Slabs and Gemstone Samples, Lumberjacking Wood Timbers, Skinning Leather Hides, and Reaping Cloth Bales. Rechoosing these skills is possible, but all previous progress is then lost.

Harvest resources are placed on predefined locations in the game world. There are six tiers of harvest, each with an increased required skill level for harvesting it. Higher tiers of harvest have a chance for rare or even ultra rare harvest, which is needed for upgrading crafted items to higher qualities.
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