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 Tomb of Lord Tsang Key

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PostSubject: Tomb of Lord Tsang Key   Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:14 pm

Tomb of Lord Tsang Stone Key Access Quest. Although the quest is less important now that you can fly or levi to the exit, I would still recoment the Stone Key Access quest for Lord Tsangs Tomb. The quest chain starts at Lotus Hold on the West side of the Lord Tsang's Tomb mountain.

[15]Ulvari Weakness Given by: Master Danoshi
Collect 5 Pieces of Ulcari Flesh
Reward: Coin XP
◦[15] The Jin'ka Forest You can get the blood from most of the 3 or 4 dot creatures around Lord Tsangs Tomb. If your level allows it, I would suggest grabbing the quests offered by the Wardens to double up. Completing the quests now will also Flag you complete later when you talk to Da'Lar in the quest chain.
Collect 20 Glowing Blood Samples
Reward: Coin XP
■[18] The Tomb of Lord Tsang Master Danoshi sends you to talk to Forest Warden Da'Lar
■[18] The Jin'Ka Wardens Da'Lar asks you to win the favor of 3 other forest wardens. Each warden sends you on a kill Quest.
■Ikara, Jin'Ka Warden
■Kill 10 Jin'Ka Vinebeasts.
■Koi, Jin'Ka Warden
■Bring back 7 enchanted beaks
■Jien, Jin'Ka Warden
■Bring back 7 creaper wings.
Final Reward:
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Tomb of Lord Tsang Key
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