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 Black Wyvern Down Quest Walkthrough

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PostSubject: Black Wyvern Down Quest Walkthrough   Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:51 pm

Near the northern border of the scorching Qaila desert, lies a valley encroached with vermin known as the Ksaravi.

Within the gulch, hoards of these vile creatures congregate as they plan to unleash a wave of destruction on the good people of Khal.

As a young adventurer, you can enlist yourself to help battle the Ksaravi by aiding the Black Wyvern Riders and their associates, who are stationed outside the Gulch.

With Game Update 3 came a revamp of this quest-filled area. And although the most recent update introduced permanent flying mounts for those who have reached their 45th level, the Ksaravi Gulch quest lines offer an opportunity for younger adventurers to conquer the skies with an onyx Wyvern that is fully functional within the vicinity of Ksaravi Gulch.

Seek out Venir Isthir, who can be found perched atop a magnificent Wyvern in the center of various quest givers. He informs you of the looming Ksaravi threat, and wants to enlist you to help put their reign of terror to an end, asking you to seek out Curate Sabha, who can be found on the shores north of the Gulch.

Curate Sabha begins with an alarming report about vile poisons the Ksaravi have been cultivating. Luckily, The Rectors of the White Coronaria have been able to secure several wyverns from the Ahgramun army. These wyverns are able to safely land and patrol various areas within the Gulch.

Entrusting you with its safety, Curate Sabha puts you into control of a black wyvern, and sends you off to visit the seven landing points.

Flying through the Gulch is not an easy feat, and can be quite dangerous. As you find the different scouting areas, landing upon each, you're sure to encounter a plethora of aggressive Ksaravi who are not too keen on the idea of you flying into their land. The reward is worth the risk, as you drop down to your seventh landing spot, you'll encounter an Injured

Wyvern Rider who was thrown from the skies due to netting strategically placed by the Ksaravi. While he is well enough to escape, his partner was captured and feared to be badly injured. He pleads for you to help recover the lost rider, offering you the Black Wyvern Down (Part 1) group quest.

Flying with Riders Black Wyvern Down Questline

Your first order is to investigate the crash site and recover the missing rider.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 1)
Investigate the Crash Site
Evacuate the Poisoned Soldier (both locations will be marked on your map)

Be on the lookout for Master Trainer Ubeler, a level 17 4 dot who is often found near the poisoned soldier.

Once you have returned the soldier to Curate Sabha, he will unsuccessfully attempt to cure him. Determined to see this man survive, Curate Sabha sends you off to investigate what materials were used in crafting the poison which is afflicting the soldier. He entrusts you with a Coronarian Censer which has the power of communication, while also absorbing and nullifying poison. For safety purposes, you'll also receive a pair of poison resistant gloves.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 2)
Gather Poison Residue
Collect a Ragged Manual of Toxins

You'll head into the building closest to where the poisoned soldier was found, rummage through the area, and find a vase containing poison residue and a ragged manual (actually resembling a pile of books).

The manual you recovered contained a cure for the soldier, but penned within its incomplete pages were numerous advanced poisons that could mean total destruction for the people living on Qaila. In order to stop the Ksaravi from furthering their testing, you're instructed to enter the Gulch and recover lost pages from the brewmasters which you will use to complete The Sebala, as well as take an inventory of their supplies.

-Ingredients of Evil
Catalogue the following:

Oozing Spleens
Vile Stingers
Festering Mold
Tainted Flesh
Dread Worms
Putrid Ink
Rancid Turtles
-To Make a Poison
Kill the 5 Ksaravi Brewmasters and collect their pages

Keep any eye out for a Killing Gloomhaze Cloud, a level 16 4 dot that is near the Caustic Brewmaster.

Once Curate Sabha receives your report and examines The Sebala, he concludes that the Ksaravi have the knowledge - and a vast amount of supplies to concoct Feverbane, one of the deadliest toxins. Luckily, by placing the Coronarian Censer in the pools where the poison is cultivated, you can neutralize its effects. But first, you'll need stronger gloves and the materials to make them.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 3)
4 Chactid Carapace Segments
3 Mantis Leg Saws
4 Corroded Rat Teeth
20 Tufts of Ksaravi Fur

In exchange for the materials collected, Curate Sabha will craft you the gloves you need to clean a small poison pit.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 4)
Clean the Small Poison Pit by using the Coronarian Censer (and be prepared to kill the mutation the attacks you!)

Be on the lookout for Sludge Lords Zulbor and Gorzus, a level 20 4 dot and a level 23 5 dot respectively, both of whom are often found near the poison pit.

You can communicate with Curate Sabha via the Coronarian Censer (or if you're not quick enough it despawns you can head back to the NPC yourself for the next portion of the quest line). He will explain to you that there is a leader directing all this madness, known as the Master Brewmaster. You are tasked with slaying him.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 5)
Slay Elenub, the Master Brewmaster

With the path to the smaller pit now clear, you'll need to go there and cleanse it.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 6)
Cleanse the Small Poison Pit again

The Feverband has been removed from the smaller pit, but now it's on to bigger things.

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 7)
Investigate the Large Poison Pit

Just wading through the large pool of sludge should be enough to receive your update. Now it's time to make the trek back to Curate Sabha. Upon returning, he confirms the worst. The toxins in the pool are extremely powerful, and over time, they have brewed into something quite potent - too potent for your current gloves, which means it's time for a new pair (and as can be guessed, you have to go gather the materials needed to make them!)

-Black Wyvern Down (Part Cool
2 Iridescent Beetle Wings
1 Gloomhaze Condensation
4 Translucent Wyvern Wings
20 Tufts of Ksaravi Fur

Collecting these materials and returning them to Curate Sabha will result in you receiving a rare pair of Vibrant Coronarian Gloves, which are able to resist the effects of Feverbane while you go and cleanse the large pit and kill the essence of Feverbane!

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 9)
Cleanse the large poison pit by killing the Essence of Feverbane (a level 16 4 dot)

All that sludgy work and what do you get? A ruined pair of gloves?! Curate Sabha won't see your efforts go unrewarded. It's because of your heroic work that the Ksaravi have been set back months if not years! in their plans to devastate Khal and Ahgram. He sends you in search of a gnome know as Emil Pager, who should be able to fix your gloves. (Be prepared for a healthy run east!)

-Black Wyvern Down (Part 10)
Take your Feverbane Covered Coronarian Gloves to Emil Pager at the east bunkers

Although you'll have to listen to him mumble a large amount of gnomish jargon, Emil Pager will disinfect your corroded gloves, making them bright, shiny, and ultra-rare!

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Black Wyvern Down Quest Walkthrough
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