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 Vanguard Naming Policy (READ AND HEED)

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PostSubject: Vanguard Naming Policy (READ AND HEED)   Mon Jan 05, 2009 4:10 pm

You can view the source at VGPlayers

The intent of our naming policy is to promote the feeling of being immersed in Telon. These policies apply to all player names, first and last, as well as all boats, regardless of creation date. The following types of names are unacceptable. Intentional phonetic misspellings, combinations and homonyms of these words are also unacceptable. Names must be at least three characters long and may not contain spaces or any non-alphabetic characters.

The following types of names are inappropriate:

Obscene, vulgar, lewd, sexual, racist, hateful, or ethnic references or slurs.
Combinations of words that produce an offensive result (Hugeaz, Tug Mcgroin, etc.).
Any and all drug references.
Names referencing figures of lore or otherwise found in the world of Telon (Jeric, Vol Tuniel, etc.).
Names recognizable from popular culture or popular fantasy. (e.g. Madonna, George Bush).
Names created purely to harass others.
Names chosen with the intent, or possessed of the effect of harming the reputation of, or used to impersonate a customer or representative of Sony Online Entertainment or any of its partners and affiliates.
Names of religious or significant historic origin (Jesus, Moses, Satan, Allah, Stalin, Hitler, etc.)
For all of the above, misspellings and alternative spellings of the word or words are also unacceptable.

Characters with any of the above type of name violations can be changed immediately and without notice. These changed characters may lose access to houses that they may have admin on. There will be no reimbursements made for any items, structures, money, or any other game related issue directly related to the character name being changed for the above violations.

Any other name deemed inappropriate that may not fall under the above categories will be changed at the decision of SOE. SOE employees have the final say on all name changes.
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Vanguard Naming Policy (READ AND HEED)
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