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 Where do I start in APW??

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PostSubject: Where do I start in APW??   Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:59 pm

Here's a quick lowdown on the Ancient Port Warehouse!

Ancient Port Warehouse is an instanced, raid-only area in the chunk "Innovus" on Thestra, 2 chunks south of Deadbog. APW is filled with baddies, known as "trash mobs" that are tougher than most named mobs you'll find in most places. APW named bosses are some seriously tough mobs! Most have specific skills that need to be countered and you have to tread very carefully when you try to take them out. There are some awesome rewards when you do though - including armor, crafting tools, dropped spells and abilities, etc. Most of the items dropped in APW are red "Legendary" items.

APW is level locked at 48 in any sphere. Ideally you should be level 50 adventuring before you start your career raiding, because you're going to die, repeatedly, when you venture inside and you don't really want to lose all that xp! Many party wipes end up summoning tombstones, so you can write off a ton of xp. Since it's locked to any sphere - if you're a level 50 crafter but only level 11 adventuring - you can still get access!! Good luck getting through all the mobs on the way in and you'd better have somebody available to summon you to the Gnome city, because that's the only place you'll be safe! Smile

To get inside you are required to complete the quest "Accessing the Ancient Port Warehouse". This quest is obtained by speaking to the gnome at the entrance to the warehouse. To get there, get a speed buff if possible, grab a flying mount from the vendor in Deadbog and head due South. Once in Innovus you'll see two semicircles, much like Khal in shape. Head to the middle of the southernmost one and you'll see an enclosed dock area. Important: DO NOT LAND ON THE ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE!!! - There's some nasty mobs there! Once there, swim in and find the ladder, jump up - avoid the mob there - and go find the entrance doors! You'll see the guy with the quest. To complete the quest, you need to kill one of 3 Wandering Fungal Lords. YOU *CAN* SHARE THIS QUEST so only one person needs to get it inside the raid force.

To kill the Fungal Lord, you'll first need to find about 17 buddies! Smile This is a raid - not a team or solo quest. You can, with practice, do it with less but if it's your first time and have a bunch of inexperienced raiders than more is better! The next step is to actually find the wandering Fungal Lord. He wanders!! A lot!! In Qalia he wanders around the Jharru Flats chunk and in Kojan, it's Sundering Wastelands. I can't remember where he is in Thestra atm... Rolling Eyes To start the battle, target the Fungal Lord when he stops, click on the "Myconoid Injector" in your inventory and off you go!

Once you've killed the Lord, simply return to the quest giver and he'll give you the Signet of the Warehouse ring - you are now an APW raider!! Congratulations!!

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Where do I start in APW??
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