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 Plat Farming Guide for Fallen Lyceum Kaon's Rush in Thestra

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PostSubject: Plat Farming Guide for Fallen Lyceum Kaon's Rush in Thestra   Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:38 am

LEVELS 20-29:

General Info:
The best way to farm this area is to have a full grp of six (although with the right classes you can do it with 4 by floating between mobs). There are three mobs that pop in a cycle , most grps put two people on each mob, I found it easier if you have a class that can Solo MORWAEN (we have a Pally) and then the other five are on the two other mobs (breakdown below) this means very few if any deaths/ rez or runbacks. The aproximate spawn cylce is 20 mins (see below). There are no adds on two of the three Mobs as long as you do not drag them inside/pull them inside to you.

Levels: 20-29.
The absolute "sweet spot" level wise is 25 for whatever reason or formual Sony uses you get more plat per kill at this level than any of the others. The difference was 3-5 plat per kill (no kidding). So if you are anywhere near dinging 26 turn off your XP or your in for a long time of farming at 1 to 3 plat per kill. You can start it at lev 24 and ding 25 in a reasonable amount of time (although I recomend being 25 before you start).

This is an absolute must! you will get 1 plat only if you have ANYTHING targeted when one of the mobs is killed. The groups in each room should be asking if you ae "clear" before they start to pull, "clear" means you have no offenseive tareget targeted. To detarget hit the ESC key. Also be sure that whoever is on MORWAEN is not clearing trash mobs before any pulls happen. Make sure group chat communication is happening.

Combat De-targeting:
As a general rule of thumb you should de-target your mob at 15%, with the DOTS that should be on the mob or the AOE ability there should be no problem doing this. Again if you have your mob targeted when it dies only ONE plat for you!. Remember if you get hit by the mob/tage damage you will target him automaticly so pay attention or....you guessed it only ONE PLAT for you!

Getting there:
At KR get a griffin and fly towards the sky dome of Fallen Lyceum. You must fly in at high altitude as you will get dismounted over the top of the dome if you are to low. Once over top of the dome (roof) type /dismount and float down to the roof. You must have invis or a very good stealth ability to get into the dome without fighting. A summoner already inside works too.

On Roof:
Invis/ stealth and look for the archway this is the top of the front door. Walk off the archway and you wil float down right in front of the door. There are mobs all over the place but thats ok because they should not be able to see you. Once inside the door Run straight off the top ledge down to the stairs/ground (its a domed room). The directions are as follows

Door to your right = AMONIR
Door in the Middle =ELBARION
Dorr to left= MORWAEN

there are mobs guarding each door and in the center of the room so dont dilly -dally and get into whatever room the group leader assigned you too.


ELBARION 10 min spawn time(5-dot, 21 mob) There are no mobs inside this room other than annoying orbs that slow you when they land.

Best rule of thumb is three people on this guy, he is a caster with a NASTY DOT. If it lands on a squishy its a good chance of lights out.
Two Sorcs can do this mob relativly easily (One full ranged nuking the other keep him frozen in place then Dots and AOE ftw).

AMONIR 10 min spawn time (5-dot, 21 mob) Mobs at the bottom of the stairs when you come in the door. Just drop off the side of the stairs as soon as you walk in and your GTG (you should be invised/ stealthed anyhow)

This is the easy fight. Can be soloed by a 25 Sorc (and others im sure). So two is all you need on this guy. Straight forward fight. Two Sorcs drop him in about 7-10 seconds.

MORWAEN 20 min spawn time (4-dot, 21 mob) You will have to clear the trash to get to the pull spot. These mobs will respawn between kills and will have to be cleared before he pops again.

Straight forward fight, can have two poeple here if you light on Pallys/clerics.

overall this is what i have seen work /done. Feel free to add more details, you can average about 20 or more plat an hour (usually more) depending on the drop rate and if you de-targeted.

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Plat Farming Guide for Fallen Lyceum Kaon's Rush in Thestra
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