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 Learned abilities and Spell Drops

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PostSubject: Learned abilities and Spell Drops   Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:39 pm

*Original Posted on main site by Zedar*

This is information that I've gleaned off of several different sites. Unfortunately for the Vanguard Sorcerer, there isn't a definitive spot where one can get information about this, so I'm kind of winging it here. This stuff may not be entirely accurate, but it is the best information I could find!

Learned Abilities:

Amplify Celerity: Quickens your thoughts, reducing spell cast time by 25% and lowering spell refresh by 10 sec. 4 min refresh with a duration of 15 secs.

To learn this ability you need to fight the Rotblood Alchemist in Vol Tuniel. During the fight he will cast against you and you need to block said spells until you learn the ability. This is random, so it may take some time. There is another mob in River Palace called an Orphaned Spellbinder (Level 34 4dot) inside the first chamber of the dungeon there that will do the same thing.

Amplify Destruction: The next spell you cast will do 50% more damage. (Not sure of cast time or refresh)

The best way to learn this ability from what I've read is to find a mob called a "Fen Watcher" in Vsurog Moor. Same routine, let them cast on you and eventually you should get an update for this. There are also mobs in Greystone and Vault of Heroes but so far I don't know what mobs they are. (CONFIRMED 11-14-08!)

Chromatic Halo: Chromatic Halo is a 1000 point damage rune that lasts 2 minutes. It can be cast every 1.5 minutes. This is a very useful spell to have and is best used when you get aggro inside of group as it instantly gives you an extra 1k hitpoints.

This is learned from "Flamecallers" and "Emberwizards" inside Rahz Inkhur from what I've read.

Dropped Spells:

Mantle of Frozen Embers: Increases fire and ice resistances by 112 for your defensive target's party.

As far as I know this is the only "dropped spell" currently ingame and it drops *somewhere* in APW.

Superior Cold Wave: Annihilates all opponents in a 15m cone with a violent burst of ice. The wave's blast deals a bunch damage with additional damage inside 10m and a bit more in the front. NOT CURRENTLY INGAME

Superior Incinerate: Flames combust on an opponent, dealing a whole assload of damage and burning for crap damage. NOT CURRENTLY INGAME

Superior Chaos Volley: Releases a torrent of energy at an opponent dealing omg! damage and a little extra damage to you. With each burst, the torrent will grow. This spell generates feedback restoring the smallest possible amount of energy over 10 seconds. NOT CURRENTLY INGAME

Zedar's Scornful Blast: Absorbs the target in a hugantic blast of fire that does zero damage but instantly kills the caster! This is closely related to the "Sorcerer Down!" macro. NOT CURRENTLY INGAME
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Learned abilities and Spell Drops
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