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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:28 am

Druids wield control over the elements of nature to immobilize enemies in stout earthen grips and cut them down with bone shattering lightening. Manipulating the very construct of nature, they can transform benign stones into enraged hulks to pummel enemies with stone fists.

Druid Starting Attributes

Strength /Constitution/ Dexterity /Vitality/ Intelligence /Wisdom
30 25 20 35 50 50

Suggested Attribute Investment Priority

Strength /Constitution /Dexterity/ Vitality /Intelligence/ Wisdom
Primary Spell Focus Types

Spell Damage Focus
Healing Focus

Offensive Capability
With damage being the druidís main focus he comes with a variety of ways to dish it out. He can use natural occurrences to his advantage or he can create advantages and then exploit them.

Deals physical damage over time to all opponents in front of you. If used as a finisher, it deals more physical damage over time to a single opponent instead.

Lightning Strike
Deals arcane damage to your opponent. Deals more damage to a wet opponent.

While the druidís main focus may be manifesting natureís wrath, he can still perform other duties for allies, making him a valuable member of any group. These abilities include small amounts of healing, being able to summon protective shields and hindering opponents.
Okeliís Shield
Blocks incoming damage for the next 2 attacks.

Stifling Brambles
Deals physical damage over time and reduces movement speed for 36 seconds.

The druid can summon forth large, natural events known as Phenomena. These phenomena are quite powerful and taxing to cast. They are among the biggest spells in the game. Phenomena are split into two categories: Calamities and Wonders. A calamity is a devastating spell that thrashes your opponent with the fury of the earth. Wonders are the opposite of calamities; they use nature to build a bolster the druid or his allies.

This wonder transforms you and your allies into wolves, increasing movement speed and damage. Its effects are greater when cast at night.

Summerís Flame
This calamity deals fire damage to your opponent, lowers their armor class and all attributes for 30 seconds.

The druid can coerce the air and earth around them to form into elemental pets that attack your enemies. There are two types of elementals the druid can command: Storm and Earth. Storm Elementals will remain by you until ordered to attack, whereas Earth Elementals will attack opponents blindly until there is nothing left to attack, then is will return to dust.

Summon Earthen Hulk
Summons a powerful earth elemental. This elemental attacks your opponents without command until the end of combat.
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The Basics
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