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 The Basics

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PostSubject: The Basics   Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:32 am

Disciples focus on serenity and inward strength, delivering formidable melee damage and converting it into potent healing power. Remaining focused during combat, Disciples draw life and strength from opponents into themselves to share with fellow adventurers.

Disciple Starting Attributes

Strength/ Constitution /Dexterity/ Vitality/ Intelligence/ Wisdom
35 30 25 35 35 50

Suggested Attribute Investment Priority

Strength /Constitution /Dexterity/ Vitality/ Intelligence /Wisdom

Primary Spell Focus Types

Healing Focus

Attack Chains
Attack chains are an integral and involved method of fighting for the disciple. They can use a set of attacks as openers and then reuse the same set of attacks as bridges for different or modified effects. This promotes choosing your ability order carefully depending on your current or projected combat situation.

Blessed Wind
This attack strikes at the faith of your opponent. If used as an opener, you deal a small amount of damage and heal your defensive target over time. If used as a bridge, you deal a small amount of damage and instantly heal your defensive target.

Focus Bonds
Focus bonds are metaphysical bonds formed with opponents or allies. A focus bond formed with an opponent is called a Dissonant Bond whereas a focus bond formed with an ally is called a Harmonic Bond. These bonds perform a variety of functions. A disciple may only maintain a small number of bonds at one time; this number grows as he grows in power.
Touch of Woe
This ability forms a bond with your opponent forcing them to take damage every time they attempt to attack. Your enemy will no longer take damage upon attacking once the bond is severed.

Counter Attacks
Being focused has its advantages. The disciple can quickly react to their opponents and often times deliver a swift counter attack that makes an enemy wish they had never attacked in the first place.
Paralyzing Touch
This ability counter attacks your opponent, paralyzing them for a long duration or until they are hit again.

Even though disciples are very offensive oriented healers, they are still practiced in the ways of directly imparting health into their allies.
Breath of Renewal
This ability heals an ally for a small amount of health and splashes health to your group members close by.

Discipline of Harmony
This ability instantly heals an ally for a small amount of health. This ability becomes more effective with each successive use
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The Basics
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